Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a Multiplayer version of Fallout kinda similar to Fallout 4

Support summary
Screen change: 

Widescreen Method: 
  • None
Widescreen HUD: 
  • Stretched

Ultra/Super-Wide Method: 
  • None
Ultra/Super-Wide HUD: 
  • Stretched

Multi-monitor Method: 
  • None
Multi-monitor HUD: 
  • Stretched

4k UHD Method: 
4k UHD HUD: 

Rendered cut-scenes: 
  • N/A
FMV cut-scenes: 
  • N/A
Game information
Game status:
Release Date:
Wednesday, 14 November, 2018

Tested Version:

Play styles: 


Developer feedback: 

WideScreen support will be added after Game release
(Quote Official Support Forum)

Steam ID's: 
Comparison Screenshots
  • 4:3 Screenshot
    Fallout 76
  • 16:9 Screenshot
    Fallout 76
  • Super-Wide (32:9) Screenshot
    Fallout 76
  • Eyefinity / Surround Screenshot
    Fallout 76
Solutions & Issues
Baseline (Widescreen) Solution & Issues

Ultra/Super-Wide (21:9/32:9) Specific Solution & Issues

Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution & Issues

Same as Fallout 4 The Interface is Hardcoded in 16:9 Aspect Ratio.
Replace the Interface.ba2 with a moded one from here:

Edit the Fallout76Prefs.Ini i my Documents/my Games/Fallout76 subfolder for iSize H=1080 and iSize W=1920 to a resolution which cannot be set ingame

4k UHD Specific Solution & Issues

Stereoscopic-3D Solution & Issues

Expand all screenshots and resolution details
Expand all screenshots and resolution details

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