Dota 2 2013 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 3 December, 2015 - 07:31

Game spreads decent, marred only (& significantly) by bottom-HUD issue:
- All bottom elements except map are larger, cutting jaggedly into world-view.
- By removing HUD skin, its size is reduced to very decent.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

== CP1 Comparison ==

(notice stripped bottom-HUD-skin with mostly enlarged icons. Stripping skin allows greater visibility. Leaving skin ON is approaching unplayable.)

(1080p, notice small normal HUD)

1. REMOVE HUD SKIN (adjustable *):
A. Open (path-to-game)\game\dota_addons\ & create this subfolder structure: mods\resource\flash3\images\hud_skins\default.
B. Get image files:
i. Download, unrar it.
OR ii. Make them **.
C. Copy these new image folders to your new "default" folder: actionpanel, inventory; the scoreboard folder is optional (it's for topbar skin, recommend skipping it).
D. Download OvPatch.exe (which unlocks -addon), from either location:
OR ii.
E. Start OvPatch & select these: Unlock -addon, Create backup, Dota 2 - Reborn Beta (default camera distance 1134). Click Patch, quit.

Alternate steps, for users who want to strip HUD-skin & are NOT using Manual PLP spread method:
- In OvPatch, select whichever Dota you're using (ignoring above instructions' x86 Dota selection).
- Add to shortcut/launcher this string: -addon mods.

(showing store UI, on right. It's proper)

A. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86) in (path-to-game)\game\bin\win32 (where 32-bit dota2.exe is located).
B. Shortcut/launcher arguments: -32bit -dx9 -addon mods.
C. In-game's first screen, click top-left gear-icon, then Video tab. Select (in order): Use advanced settings, Aspect Ratio (your center), Display Mode (Exclusive Fullscreen), Size (your fullscreen PLP), Apply.

(victory screen at match completion)

1. PLP's resulting bottom-HUD looks acceptable, while LLL's is stupid-big.
2. * HUD-skin adjustability:
A. To re-enable whole HUD-skin, remove shortcut/launcher argument -addon mods.
B. To re-enable some HUD-skin pieces, delete logical filenames in your "default" folder until desired effect produced.
3. If HUD skin suddenly re-appears in the future, download & run OvPatch again (linked downloads are updated when a game-patch breaks OvPatch).
4. ** If image-files download is unavailable, make your own transparent skin:
A. Make a 1x1-pixel png file fully transparent (use GIMP, export as temp.png).
B. Copy & rename this png many times, creating this folder & file structure:
i. actionpanel (folder): center_left.png, center_left_wide.png, center_right.png, light_4_3.png, light_16_9.png, light_16_10.png, minimapborder.png, portrait.png, portrait_wide.png, spacer_16_9.png, spacer_16_10.png.
ii. inventory (folder): background_4_3.png, background_wide.png, light_4_3.png, light_16_9.png, light_16_10.png, rocks_4_3.png, rocks_16_9.png, rocks_16_10.png, spacer.png, stash_active_lower.png, stash_lower.png, stash_upper.png.
iii. scoreboard (optional folder, recommend skipping it): topbar.png.
5. Tester used files & info from these sources:
A. (OvPatch method).
B. (transparent images share).
6. Disclaimer: This spread-solution gives competitive advantage, due to increased world-view. OvPatch facilitates this advantage by hacking the client to allow banned override. But it makes game look decent for PLP & is safe & in use, no VAC ban (12/2015). Use at your own risk.
7. Further increase world-view (competitive advantage, not proper, untested):
A. Enter OvPatch camera distance ####.
B. Increase FOV beyond proper:
i. Was previously adjustable with console /gfxsetdefaultfov # (but console wouldn't enable 12/2015; failed both console-enabling methods; either careless tester or it's been removed).
OR ii. Going to (path-to-game)\game\dota\cfg\ & creating autoexec.cfg is apparently listened to by game, so adding ...fov command to it may work well.
C. Black areas at game's bottom may be fillable with game-world (2014 online proof; but not ideal, no idea how, not worth attempting).

(main menu/page)

(during this character selection stage, game-world shows on sides)

View guide for general help with the instructions.

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