The Haunted Hell's Reach 2011 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 18 May, 2015 - 01:04

Looks good & easy setup if played with high FOV (cropped just below knees), but bit complex to set up proper FOV (cropped across butt). Latter also requires game update *.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

1. Use x86 game version (for SoftTH). In-game fullscreen, proper single screen resolution, settings how you want.
2. Peruse the menus, noticing page titles & the two bottom buttons available (these will get cropped from view).
3. Start a map & see/remember your player's size in casual stance. (Do this using stickies to outline player; screenshot works too, but bit harder). Then quit.

!!!!! . . . Remaining PLP images are uncorrected HIGH FOV . . . I was digging it . . . !!!!!

(common running, with slight backlash upper body)

(casual stance, with slight backlash)

4. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86).
5. Edit two files in %USERPROFILE%\ Documents\My Games\the-haunted-hells-reach\ UDKGame\Config.
A. UDKEngine.ini.
i. ResX & ResY yours.
ii. Switch AspectRatio_MaintainXFOV to ...YFOV. This turns vert- into high FOV.
B. Play game to try it with high FOV, you might like it as-is (looks great, equally fun). For proper FOV, quit & read on.
C. UDKGame.ini. Reduce DefaultFOV values in these four sections (see how **): [HauntedGame.TH_CamMode_Default], [HauntedGame.TH_CamMode_Aimed], [HauntedGame.TH_CamMode_Sprinting], [HauntedGame.TH_CamMode_Monster].
6. Play game (it looks proper FOV).

(aim view, handgun, still high FOV)



1. Game views, HUD & text messages render perfectly. But menus are vert-, cropping off page titles & bottom navigation buttons (not a problem ***).
2. * Game update released ~ Oct 27, 2011. Adds more FOV flexibility. Works: (any other update source likely works too).
3. ** To find proper-looking FOV values without calculating:
A. Jot down your original four DefaultFOV values.
B. Edit DefaultFOV section [HauntedGame.TH_CamMode_Default], in the direction you need (down), save file.
C. Start game, spread in PLP. Compare player size against your stickies (or your screenshot).
D. Repeat B & C until your casual stance FOV looks proper.
E. Jot down this value: original higher FOV minus your adjusted FOV.
F. Subtract this jotted value from the other three DefaultFOV values (so all four are edited). Save & close file.
G. Check in-game to make sure aim & sprint views look decent FOV, adjust if you want (but likely decent as-is).
4. *** Using menu's hidden buttons: Back (bottom left) & Start (bottom right) are accessible with arrow-keys.
A. E.g. on map selection menu, trigger Start button: click on your map's label. Then don't move your mouse, press right-arrow twice, then Enter.
B. E.g. trigger any Back button: either use Esc, or one down-arrow past screen edge & press Enter.
5. Game's maximum FOV entry is 110.

!!!!! . . . 1080p Comparisons . . . !!!!!

(aim view, handgun)

(aim view, 2-handed gun)

(casual stance)

View guide for general help with the instructions.