Dead Island 2011 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 1 April, 2015 - 20:11

Game looks good, & menus work well enough. Weapons look & aim proper. View maybe slightly FOV+ by default, & looks great (dead-proper FOV achievable *). Rendered cutscenes full hor+. All text is proper. Both menu elements & HUD span full width. Some ugliness (*).

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

== Stationary Weapon Examples ==

== Gun Examples ==

(aimed handgun)

(aimed rifle. Game has no scopes)

(turret, rare)

1. In-game windowed (its borderless), settings how you want, quit.
2. Edit (path-to-game)\DI\Out\Settings\Video.scr: Resolution(####,####) = your fullscreen.
3. Download & extract the LLL or 21:9 fix (either works same borderless), from
4. Put extracted "data" folder in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\DeadIsland\out (failing that, put in (path-to-game)\DI\out).
5. Start game. At title, ShiftWindow (fullscreen = borderless).

== Melee Blade Examples ==

(kick is common)

(same chick, decapitation)

2. * Ugliness:
A. Non-text HUD elements are 1/3 larger than stock (improved from default-spread's HUD, which was 3/4 larger than stock).
B. Vert- FMV cutscenes (very rare) & main-menu's background-art.
C. Loading screens are ultrawide-left-justified (though for Quit it's stretched full). Map-pages are enlarged, works fine.
D. Some menus' top & bottom are cropped (though improved over default-spread). This hides a few menu-links, but they remain accessible (e.g. keyboard):
i. On Skills screen (U), to buy a skill, press Enter.
ii. On Quests screen (L), track a different quest by double-clicking it (or Enter; Red-flag shows destination on map & HUD).
iii. Inventory (I), weapons list: To Equip, double-click a weapon. To Compare, select weapon & Left-Arrow x3 & press Enter. To Drop, Left-Arrow x2 & press Enter. But when weapon level is too high to equip, "Drop" fails. So must sell high-weapon).
iv. Weapon Repair Station: To Repair item, just press Enter. To access Upgrade (list), hover mouse at screen-top (& approaching right-edge of green-background), then LMB-click. Then mouse-select item-list. To access Create (list), hover mouse at same spot stated above & click again.
v. NPC stores: To Buy an item, just press Enter. To access Sell (list), hover mouse at screen-top (& approaching right-edge of green-background), then LMB-click. Then mouse-select item-list. To access Buy-Back (list), hover mouse at same spot stated above & click again.
3. * Optional FOV (not needed):
A. Widescreen Fixer.
OR B. File edit:
i. %USERPROFILE%\Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\Skills\default_levels.xml (CameraDefaultFOV = yours).
OR ii. Failing #2.B.i., instead use 7zip to extract default_levels.xml from (path-to-game)\DI\Data3.pak\Data\Skills. Then edit CameraDefaultFOV = yours (Notepad), & paste your new default_levels.xml file to this new folder structure: (path-to-game)\DI\out\Data\Skills.
4. Base PC-game GPS-bug:
A. Problem: Quest GPS-directions ("Enhanced Navigation=ON") works sporadically. Not a problem, but bit more hardcore.
B. Workaround: Quest map-markers work, as does the GPS-directions on player-made waypoints. So make your map-waypoints to find quest destinations. When map is blocked (e.g. underground), quest's GPS-directions usually work; when it fails, your brain is sufficient.
C. Labeled map makes Act1 navigation easier:
5. Changing in-game Video settings will overwrite your resolution edit.
6. If game immediately crashes (unlikely), research "MenuUpgradeCharacter.xui" fix, here:
7. Editing xui-file values further is not worth bother, & borderless game may well ignore edits (DI Riptide 2013 has higher chance of xui-edit success).

== Blood Examples ==

== Fury Skill View ==

== Vehicle View ==


== Video Examples ==

(quicktime-type event)

(rendered cutscenes...)

(FMV cutscene, at game-start, vert-. Very rare)

(1080p comparison)

(loading screen, common dimensions)

== Interface Examples ==

(character creation)

(weapon wheel)

(main menu)

(Skills, cropped but works fine)

(1080p comparison)

(Inventory, cropped but works fine)

View guide for general help with the instructions.