Defend the titular colony ship from alien boarding parties in the first game in Bungie's Marathon trilogy.

Support summary
Screen change: 

Widescreen Method: 
  • Hack
Widescreen HUD: 
  • Proper

Ultra/Super-Wide Method: 
Ultra/Super-Wide HUD: 

Multi-monitor Method: 
Multi-monitor HUD: 

4k UHD Method: 
4k UHD HUD: 

Rendered cut-scenes: 
  • N/A
FMV cut-scenes: 
  • Pillarboxed
Game information
Game status:
Release Date:
Wednesday, 21 December, 1994

Tested Version: 
Aleph One 20140104

Play styles: 


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Comparison Screenshots
  • 4:3 Screenshot
  • 16:10 Screenshot
  • 16:9 Screenshot
  • Super-Wide (32:9) Screenshot
  • Eyefinity / Surround Screenshot
Solutions & Issues
Baseline (Widescreen) Solution & Issues

Use the Aleph One port Widescreen resolutions are listed natively in-game or can be set manually in Marathon Preferences located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\AlephOne (this file is made after running the game once). Everything has the correct proportions for all aspect ratios.

For a Hor+ field of view do the following:

  1. Go to Scripts in the installation folder.
  2. Make a new file called FOV.mml
  3. Add this line: <marathon><view><fov normal="120" extra="160" tunnel="70" /></view></marathon>
  4. Replace 120 with whatever FOV you want.
Extra and tunnel are FOV settings used for the extravision power-up and the tunnel-vision mode; extra should be higher than your normal FOV while tunnel should be lower.

Ultra/Super-Wide (21:9/32:9) Specific Solution & Issues

Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution & Issues

4k UHD Specific Solution & Issues

Stereoscopic-3D Solution & Issues

Expand all screenshots and resolution details
Expand all screenshots and resolution details

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