WSGF GOTY Voting, Skid's Video, Win8 & NV Surround, Bezel-Free Eyefinity/Surround + More

Submitted by skipclarke on 28 January, 2013 - 19:57

WSGF Game of the Year Awards 2012 Voting

2013 is upon us, which gives us pause to look back at the prior year in gaming. AussieTimmeh has put together the groundwork for our annual Game of the Year Awards. We have four rounds of voting set up: Developer of the Year, Indie Dev of the Year, Game of the Year, and our annual Narrow-Minded Award.

To be eligible for the Game of the Year, a game must have double gold Certifications for perfect widescreen and Eyefinity/Surround support. The two developer of the year awards are for developers who not only released a Certified game in 2012, but also have a history of producing Eyefinity/Surround friendly games. The Narrow-Minded Award is given to developers who consistently thumb their noses at Eyefinity and Surround users. Be sure to have your voice heard by voting to help choose our 2012 recipients.

Skid's Eyefinity/Surround Videos

Forum editor Skid does an amazing job putting together 4k res Eyefinity/Surround videos. If you're looking to pick up a game, and want to know how it performs in multi-monitor, these videos are a great resource. Skid encodes them at 4k resolution with triple-wide aspect ratio. If you've got an Eyefinity/Surround setup, these will run at full resolution and fullscreen on your system. You can find his videos in his WSGF Blog, as well as his YouTube Channel.

Devil May Cry (5)

Strike Suit Zero


Sonic Adventure 2

New Articles

Over the last two weeks we've had a lot of new content on the WSGF. To kick things off we've got three new articles written by forum members, covering a variety of display and gaming topics. If you'd like to help the WSGF with an article of your own, please contact site founder skipclarke.

Bezel-Free Eyefinity/Surround

Site member Truecade has done something amazing. He put together a truly bezel-free Eyefinity/Surround rig. Using mirrors and magic (no smoke), he has put together an amazing mod. Check out the article, and stay up to date with the ongoing progress of further refinements.


Win8 and NV Surround Guide: Working vs. Gaming Modes

Site member john bentley has done an astounding job with an article of his own. For his outing he looked at how to make NVIDIA Surround work with Win8. john bentley goes into great detail about setting up a gaming "single large surface" and spanned/extended mode for productivity. He also details how to swap between the two modes, and issues contained in each mode.

60Hz Surround vs. 27" 120Hz Widescreen

Our third article comes from site member peanut. He is in the unique position to have both an NVIDIA Surround rig, as well as a Catleap 27" 120Hz panel. In this article he goes into details on how different styles of games play with each type of display configuration, and his preference for each genre.

New Games in the WSGF Database



Of Orcs and Men

Painkiller Hell & Damnation

The Cave