Stands Back in Stock, Eyefinity/Surround Videos, Indie Bundle Reviews & Site Updates

Submitted by skipclarke on 21 October, 2012 - 14:22

Howdy All,

Stands are Back in Stock

The WSGF Edition and HD Triple XL stands are back in stock, and all of our backorders have been filled. If you've been waiting to order a stand, now is the time. Also, we've found out that we can use US Global Priority to Australia, so shipping is $100 less than what we previously quoted.

Skid's 4k Eyefinity/Surround Video Blog

WSGF Editor Skid has put together a great blog series of Eyefinity/Surronud gameplay videos. They are encoded at full multi-monitor resolution. If you have an Eyefinity or Surround setup, you can watch it full screen with no black parts or loss in quality. Recent entries are:

New Hardware Reviews

We've had a lot of new content and articles posted to the site. I've posted a review of the AMD A10-5800K APU, and the Corsair 64GB Survivor USB 3.0 Drive. Our review of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 is still a great read. Additionally, site admin AussieTimmeh has started a review series of the Steam Indie Bundles. He is going bundle-by-bundle and doing a DR for each game, and then writing up a quick "short and sweet" review of each game. So far he is up to bundle seven. The last four should be done within a few weeks, and give you great information before these goal on sale this holiday season. I've also posted a review of Max Payne 3.

Games Database

One great benefit of AussieTimmeh's work on his Steam Indie Bundle Review Series is a HUGE influx of games being analyzed for widescreen and Eyefinity/Surround support. While many don't have good widescreen or mult-monitor support, but there are some standouts with good support. These titles include:

We've also had a number of high profile games added to the Games Database. Jet Set Radio HD is unfortunately Vert-, and X-COM: Enemy Unknown,inexplicably renders upside down in Eyefinity and Surround. Luckily titles such as F1 2012, Torchlight II, Guild Wars 2 (including updates NC Soft has made to Surround support) and X-Plane 10 perform very well.

Site Updates

We are planning a migration of the site's forums within the next couple of weeks. We are migrating away from the Drupal Advanced Forum, back to phpBB3. This will help us remedy the site performance issues for users that are logged in. It appears Drupal simply can't handle a forum of this size. So, if you've got PMs you want to keep, please save the content locally. Unfortunately our migration won't be able to save those. We are very close to the move, so please look to this quickly. During the migration (which will take a few days), the forums will be in a read-only mode and may be totally offline for a day or two.

Talk to you soon,
Skip Clarke