Support & Connect with the WSGF + Stand Update

Submitted by skipclarke on 15 May, 2012 - 16:11

Donation Drive

For the first time in its 8.5yr history, the WSGF is coming to the community to help us cover our monthly costs. I've posted all the details on our current financial situation, and why I'm now asking for your help in this news post. Please consider donating, and thanks to those who already have.

Connect with the WSGF

There is always a lot going on with the WSGF, and we have many ways that you can stay informed. We post all news items into our Twitter feed, Facebook timeline and Google+ page. Did you know that potential advertisers look at your number of Twitter followers as a benchmark of your site's reach and importance? That is what the fine folks at upstart True PC Gaming recently found out.

So, please follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and join our Google+ circle

Eyefinity/Surround Videos on YouTube

We also have a growing collection of YouTube videos, that we think you'll really like (obviously). We are focusing on Eyefinity and Surround videos, and offer things you'll find no where else.

Skid has been doing a series of Eyefinity game reviews, featuring games such as SW:TOR and TERA. Great thing about his reviews is that they play in full-screen and full-res on your Eyefinity or Surround rig. AussieTimmeh is a huge fan of co-op games, and has reviewed a few from an Eyefinity and Co-Op standpoint. Check out his short and sweet views on Payday: The Heist, Nation Red and Saints Row: The Third. ViciousXUSMC is starting to build a stable of Eyefinity game reviews as well. You can check out his insights on Saints Row: The Third, Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box and more.

I've recently loaded a few new videos as well. One looks at how Rayman: Origins works in Eyefinity/Surround. The game is great in multi-monitor, but it's not without its flaws. This review will show you exactly what to expect. Another recent video provides the first looks at Torchlight II in Eyefinity/Surround. This game has amazing support, and you'll want to see how you can fill an outside monitor with the automap.

So, check out our ever growing stable of videos, and subscribe to the channel.

WSGF Stands Back in Stock

We've got great news regarding the WSGF Edition Stand. Both it and the HD Triple XL will be back in stock on May 31st. Units will start being processed and shipping at that time. If you've been waiting on a solid ETA before placing your order, your wait is over.

As always, thanks for all of your support for the WSGF and our community.