Migration Complete, Site Survey, Occulus Rift, WSGF Stands & New Content

Submitted by skipclarke on 11 November, 2012 - 15:00

Come On Back, and Tell Us What You Think!!!

About a week and a half ago, we sent out notice that the site was going down for maintenance and migration. The goal of the migration was to improve the site performance by migrating the Drupal forms back to phpBB3 forums, and then removing the modules we no longer needed in Drupal. I'm happy to say that the migration went quite smoothly, and much faster than what we anticipated. After much hard work our amazing team got the site back up, and started squashing bugs. If you do come across any bugs with the new forums, please post them in this forum thread. And, has hoped, the site is running much faster and will be much easier to navigate.

One of the things that we wanted to do while the site was down, was to put out a site survey to help us better guide the site in the future. The migration was so quick, I didn't have a chance to get the survey put together and posted. I've since been able to do that, and we now have a survey live at Survey Monkey. Please take a moment to let us know what you want to see out of the site.

Occulus Rift Update

A couple of months ago, some users expressed an interest in getting an Occulus Rift VR headset for the site to test. We ran a quick donation drive to help cover the costs, and gauge interest in the headset. I'm happy to report that the donation drive raised $200 of the $300 needed to get a developer set. The WSGF did support the Occulus Rift Kickstarter, and are on schedule to get a unit in the first round of shipments. Their timetable is that the first units will go out in December, and we're looking forward to seeing this. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

WSGF Edition Stands are In Stock, In House

I have decided to take personal stock of the WSGF Edition and HD Triple XL stands. I now have them on hand, sitting in my garage. I can now directly ship out an HD Triple, WSGF Edition, 1+3 Upgrade Kit and an ICE Cube, often within the same day. I also have a couple of VESA adapters in stock, and should be able to handle most any need. With having 25 in stock, we shouldn't hit any backorder issues either. The standard HD Triple and Triple w/ Wings still ship from Ergotech, but these are standard products they keep in stock.

New Site Content

Runaway: Twist of Fate

There's some great new content on the site. Aussie has posted a Detailed Report of the 3rd Runaway adventure game series - Runaway: A Twist of Fate. The game runs at a "fixed" resolution of something like 720p, and windowboxes at anything other than that. Even at 1080p, you get black bars on four sides. very odd behavior.

Skid's 4k Eyefinity/Surround Videos

Skid has posted two new full res Eyefinity/Surround videos. One of them is of the Wii game Monster Hunter Tri (running in the Dolphin emulator). Though the HUD is stretched, the game does run in proper Hor+ multi-monitor. The other video is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You can watch through that link or (hopefully) the embedded video below. Both links to the WSGF articles also include scores of screenshots.

Eyefinity/Surround Gallery - Doom 3 WSGF Edition

thelolotov has posted a large gallery of multi-monitor screens, of the specifically compiled version of Doom 3 (the WSGF Edition) that includes all the Hor+ tweaks for proper multi-monitor tweaks. The gallery has 100 images, and is quite the sight to see.