Holiday Stand Sale, 21:9 Gaming Video, Strike Suit Zero Dev Visit

Submitted by skipclarke on 26 November, 2012 - 21:11

WSGF Stand Holiday Sale & New Accessories in Store

I am happy to announce a couple of new accessories that we have available in the store, to make your WSGF Edition or HD Triple XL Stand even more enjoyable. If you spring for the ICE Cube, we now offer a Short Cable Kit with two 2' cables, and two 3' cables. This will leave you with far less cable mess behind your monitors, and make good cable management easier. We've also added an Alignment Kit to help you properly align your multi-monitor setup. The alignment kit includes a spirit level and protractor, to help you align your monitors to each other and set the angle.

For a holiday sale we are offering the ICE Cube at half off, with the purchase of a WSGF Edition Stand, HD Triple XL Stand, or the 1+3 Upgrade Kit. Enter the code "COOLIO" at checkout, and it will take $25 off the total. We've also launched the above kits free for this week, for users purchasing one of the above stands/kits and an ICE Cube. This deal will run through this entire week. The two new option kits will cost $10 each, starting next week. Purchase this week and you'll save almost $50 on your total purchase.

Click on the images above to visit the respective product pages.

Our First 21:9 Ultra-Widescreen Gaming Reel

I received my Dell U2913WM just before Thanksgiving, and spent some time running a handful of games on it to see how they fared. Used the NVIDIA GTX670 for testing, and looking at how each game performed at 2560x1080. We looked at gameplay, menus, HUD and cut-scenes. See the full article for the list of games, and their location in the video.

Embedding YouTube videos doesn't work in the email newsletter, so click here to view the article.

Strike Suit Zero Dev Visit - Exclusive Screenshots & Video

WSGF Editors (Skid and Delphium) were able to visit the fine chaps at Born Ready Games, who are developing the Kickstarter success story Strike Suit Zero. Born Ready knocked up Eyefinity support just 24 hours before our guys showed up at their offices, and did a fine job of it. They got the aspect ratio correct, as well as a centered UI. The WSGF has the first ultra high-res screen shots and multi-monitor videos of the game. You can see the 4k res video and screen shots at the full article.

Crowd-Sourced Funding for the WSGF

The donation drive is slowly progressing along, and we'd like to thank those who have contributed. Please consider helping us through this transition year with our finances, and help us do more next year. If everyone who received the newsletter gave only $5 (or maybe $6 to account for PayPal fees), we could do amazing things. With those donations we could:

  • Buy every new release to test on release day (we get very few games for free)
  • Buy new monitors for testing higher resolutions (2560x1440, 4k, 21:9 Eyefinity, etc)
  • Buy new NVIDIA graphics cards for testing. (AMD gives us every new card for testing, but after years of trying we've only received a single GTX 670 from NVIDIA.)
  • Attend PAX, E3, and more
  • Advertise the site
  • Send full printed press kits and swag items to every developer
  • And even more

Crowd-sourced funding is the cool new thing in gaming these days. Thanks for becoming part of our crowd.

Games Database

This last week was a slow week for updates to the games database, with the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and the start of the Christmas shopping season. Haldi did get a Detailed Report entered for Hitman Absolution. The game offers perfect support of widescreen and Eyefinity/Surround. I've also found that the Hitman also supports the new ultra-widescreen 21:9 perfectly as well (check my video for that).