Infinitx, Chapter 2

Submitted by theMightyAtom on 19 September, 2013 - 17:03

I've just posted a video of the prototype infinitx rear projected curved screen.

The observant amongst you will notice a slight line where the projector images meet.
This was due to me trying to save money on the screen material. Whatever you might otherwise read, there's a big difference between RP plexiglass and using a window film on a plain plexiglass (which is what you see here). The plexiglass that's made for the job, does the job better (duh), even if it does cost around 6 times the price.

We are concentrating on large displays from now on. While the desktop edition could have been neat and may even be viable sometime in the future, it is too costly to compete with ordinary monitors.
By the same token we can make a meter high screens, 3 meters wide (that's 125" diagonal) for around the same price as the desktop version described earlier, and when you get up in those sizes projection is going to beat all other technologies hands down for quite a while to come.

So the simulator audience, and gamers with a spare basement, stay tuned. More info will be published on our website at