Fuel 2009 Manual PLP Instructions, fixes

Submitted by imusrt on 23 December, 2015 - 20:32

Game looks great with AA added **. Overall game looks decent, hor+ & FOV proper. Rendered cutscenes full hor+, FMVs pillarboxed. Most text proper (HUD & menu included). Some ugliness ****.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect. Downhill FOV causes the harsh tree angle on sides)


1. In launcher settings how you want, Quit.
2. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86).
3. Do Registry Fix *.
4. Start game with a shortcut to (path-to-game)\SecuLauncher.exe (always).

(AA comparison. Dirty-overlay example, AA on. Looks best & overall heightened immersion)

(AA off, via mod. Notice crisp ugly overlay on bottom & sides)

(hovercraft, a Maverick gotten on Rainier Peak. Free-roaming ocean. HUD removed: Upper GPS-strip via B-button, lower-mini-map via mod)

OR Borderless:
1. In launcher settings how you want, Quit.
2. Make a shortcut to (path-to-game)\SecuLauncher.exe. Add shortcut argument -W.
3. Do Registry Fix *.
4. Start game with SecuLauncher shortcut (always).
5. ShiftWindow:
A. + border = borderless.
B. Optional perfect borderless: move one pixel down & right; remove two pixels from height & width. Yours may differ.

== CP1 View Comparison ==

(1080p, default view)

(PLP, default view. Notice enlarged or stretched HUD elements)

(3rd person, bit more distant. Mod HUD for improved elements, upper-GPS off via B-button)

(1st person)

1. **** Some ugliness (none a problem, some improvable with mod ***):
A. HUD & menu elements/frames often enlarged or stretched or both.
B. World-map is zoomed/vert-. It's view will likely hide six peripheral zones. These six zones are accessible by either:
i. zooming world-map in a bit, which unlocks map-roaming (key-U&I or xbox R-stick up&down).
OR ii. by zone name in menu (Change Camp).
C. Corduroy (dark lines): Appears in landscape on certain land-angles in certain lighting. Quite frequent, not constant. Removing corduroy (by turning off shadow map) looks budget & not recommended.
D. Flat-art loading screens are stretched.
E. One prominent effect on the dirty-overlay spreads subpar (effect is only proper on center). But still looks decent, due to motion blur's strong impact. (Motion blur looks good in this game.)
2. * Registry Fix:
A. First open Windows Calculator, Programmer View.
B. Enter your resolution height in Decimal (e.g. 1080), then switch to Hex (e.g. 438). Jot down hex value, & name it hexV.
C. Enter your width in Decimal (e.g. 3520), switch to Hex (e.g. dc0). Jot down, name it hexW.
D. Combine your two jots into new string, inserting zero between them: hexV & 0 & hexW (e.g. 4380dc0). Name it hexRes.
F. Modify value VideoResolution. Enter hexRes string (Hex Base, not case sensitive).
3. ** Game's AA doesn't work (on any setup). So add with graphics card, e.g. CCC (3D App Settings, Add game. antialiasing section: Mode=Override & Samples=2xEQ, rest n/c, Apply).
4. *** Unofficial Update & Mod (recommended):
A. Download links & details: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/FUEL (under "Essential improvements").
B. Plugin improves game HUD: [O] Interface - REFUELED V14.5 Menu + V15.5 HUD [ON].
C. Can use mod's map to travel anywhere (press key-C for map, zoom=W&S, move=arrows, select=Enter, teleport=key-C). Can use in tandem with GPS markers.
5. Misc Fixes:
A. If game crash:
i. Drop anisotropic below x16.
OR ii. If XLive error message, your GFWL is too old. Download fresh & re-install GFWL.
B. If game stutters despite decent FPS (likely in fullscreen), close MSI Afterburner (or similar program).
C. If you're revisiting game & your old save-game doesn't work, mediocre workaround: use mod to unlock all zones & many vehicles; then Cheat Engine $99999999.
6. These actions will undo Regedit changes: in-game settings change, or not booting game from SecuLauncher.

(rendered cutscene)

(menu example)

(world-map comparison, 1080p)

(PLP world-map, zoomed/vert-, not a problem)

View guide for general help with the instructions.

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