Arma 3 2013 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 26 October, 2015 - 00:23

Somewhat annoying initial setup, but game spreads quite well. FOV, text, guns & aim * are all proper. HUD, menu content & editor/map-type screens are proper ** (their element-positions usually spanning full width). Rendered cutscenes hor+ & usually letterboxed (across all screens); these often allow camera movement (mouse).

== Comparison: Common Aim Views, 1P 2H ==

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect. Un-aimed)


(alternate, un-aimed)

(alternate, aimed. Player is prone)

== Third-Person Examples ==

(showing RC drone: UAV MQ4A Greyhawk)

(scuba, showing mini-submarine: SDV)

1. In-game menu: Configure, Video, Display, select Fullscreen Window & center screen's resolution & aspect. Press OK, quit.
2. Stretched-FOV Fix:
A. Calculate values:
i. Go to calculator
ii. Enter your resolution & FOV 103 (adjust as needed). Click "Calculate vertical FOV" (vFOV), jot down result.
iii. Calculate fovTop: above vFOV x 3.1415927 / 180.
iv. Calculate fovLeft: above fovTop / resolution_height x resolution_width.
B. Insert values:
i. Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3\Username.Arma3Profile (Notepad).
ii. Find fovTop & fovLeft, insert your calculated values (rounded to #.#######), save.
3. Start game, wait for logo splash-screen or menu, ShiftWindow (no border).

== Vehicle View Examples ==

(1P of truck: HEMTT)

(3P of Quadbike)

(3P of tank: M5 Sandstorm)

(1P of mini-submarine: SDV. Hatches open for great view)

(3P of small RC drone: UAV AR-2 Darter)

(3P of big helicopter: CH-67 Huron)

(1P of jet: A-164 Wipeout)

1. * Aim Details:
A. Sniper scope overlay is also proper, with full hor+ view.
B. A few first-person-aim scenarios have black overlays that effectively pillarbox view: tank gunners, big hand-held guns (e.g. rocket laucher), RC UAVs, binoculars, night-vision goggles.
2. Minor issues:
A. FMVs & loading screens are stretched full (though latter's mission-specific text & image are proper).
B. ** Some menu & HUD container-boxes are bigger (their content proper).
C. Rare flat menu elements stretched (main menu's small stretched logo & Credits page image).
3. Game offers first- & third-person view.
4. If game appears pixelised, ShiftWindow was triggered too early.
5. In-game option changes do not overwrite config edit.
6. Config files can be deleted for fresh copies: Arma3.cfg, Username.Arma3Profile, Username.vars.Arma3Profile.

== Less Common Aim-Type Examples ==

(Sniper Optic Sights, it's proper)

(PCML Rocket Launcher. Common view for all big hand-held guns)

(RC drone: UAV AR-2 Darter. Also common view for many tank gunners)

(tank: IFV-6c Panther. Common view for many tank gunners)

== Cutscene Examples ==

(rendered cutscene)

(FMV cutscene)

== Game Interface Examples ==

(HUD elements e.g.: inventory & help)

(map Editor)

(AUV Terminal with map)

View guide for general help with the instructions.