Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Manual PLP Instructions 2012

Submitted by imusrt on 23 October, 2015 - 20:28

Game spreads decent & plays well, particularly with controller **. Player view perfect, with proper FOV. Rendered cutscenes full hor+. Minor issues ***.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect. First-person view)

== Comparison of Game's Views ==

(first person)

(third person with follow-cam)

(third person with stationary camera & point-n-click movement)

(dog; different location, using third person view)

SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86).
Edit %APPDATA%\Frogwares\The Testament of Sherlock Holmes\setup.ini. fov = ## (~ 114, adjust as needed, default 80).
If chug or mouse problem, do Game Fixes *.

== Rendered Cutscene Examples ==

== FMV Cutscene Examples ==

1. *** Minor issues:
A. FMV cutscenes are vert-.
B. The following are stretched (none a problem): main & character menu, sparse HUD, 2D puzzles, all text & loading screens.
C. There may often be a one-pixel "lighter line" at one or two outer bezels.
2. Game has three views: first person, or third person which has two types: follow-cam (default), or distant stationary cameras (latter uses point-n-click movement).
3. * Game Fixes:
A. If panning is not butter-smooth on decent FPS, run game in compatibility mode WinXP SP3.
B. ** Mouse VS controller:
i. Controller works perfect. To switch to it, may require edit setup.ini. Make input_type GAMEPAD (instead of MOUSE).
ii. Mouse's default sensitivity is very low for spread game. Fix: First max sensitivity in-game. If still weak, edit setup.ini. Find "mouse = 1.00" & make it ~ 2.60.
iii. If mouse leaves game-world, use PrimaryLock (details in guide/parent page). But PrimaryLock blocks mouse-clicks on sides, which breaks the occasional puzzle.
Workaround: close both the problem puzzle-screen & PrimaryLock, then do puzzle.
Groundwork: On your bezel, mark PrimaryLock's X-button location (to Alt+Tab & disable it, despite utility being invisible). Keep PrimaryLock's folder open on side-screen (to Alt+Tab & re-enable).
4. In-game menu changes do not overwrite edits.

== Inspection & Puzzle Examples ==

(3D inspection of stationary object. Proper, with stretched widgets)

(3D inspection of grabbed object. Proper, with stretched widgets)

(2D inspection, stretched full)

(2D puzzle, stretched full)

(2D deduction board, stretched full)

== Menu Examples (stretched full) ==

== Environment Examples (first person view, tester's fav) ==

View guide for general help with the instructions.