The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 11 September, 2015 - 22:49

Gameplay looks quite good, FOV proper; common HUD looks proper (but occasional ugliness, e.g. using Camera ***). Rendered cutscenes full hor+.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

(swing common view distance)

(run view)

Borderless (best choice, depending *):
1. Do FWS fix **.
2. In game launcher, disable Fullscreen & launch game.
3. ShiftWindow (+ border = borderless. Optional perfect borderless: move 1 pixel down & right; remove 2 pixels from height & width. Yours may differ).
4. In-game, click Windows mouse-pointer once on game's middle or right side (so pointer disappears).
5. Sometimes mouse won't work in menu, so use WASD & Space (or controller).


(melee common view distance)

OR Fullscreen:
1. In game launcher, settings how you want, quit (using X button, top right).
2. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86).
3. Regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Activision\The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (TM)\Settings\Display\. Height & Width yours (Decimal Base).
4. Do FWS fix **.
5. Launch game from Game.exe (bypass ASM2Launcher.exe).
6. Use controller (as mouse works very poorly fullscreen).

(rappel view, stealth attack)

(melee, less common distance)

1. Misc Issues (ugly areas, none a problem):
A. Menu: sometimes offset to right & sometimes hard to use mouse (use keyboard or controller).
B. FMV cutscenes (rare) & startup logos are right-justified & bit cropped off on right.
C. Hint text on loading screens is half cropped off on left. End Credits text is gone (cropped).
D. During any pillarboxed view (e.g. loading screen), game-world often remains visible on sides, often spinning.
E. *** HUD is proper except widget-type overlays (e.g. camera, dialog questions) are half cropped off on left, & a bit off bottom.
F. * Fullscreen game's bit different than borderless:
i. Fullscreen may visually chug, though fullscreen reports higher FPS (potential SoftTH oddity, & may have workaround: compatibility mode WinXP SP3).
ii. Fullscreen has severe mouse gameplay issue (so use controller or borderless): mouse X-axis blocked randomly & constantly.
iii. Fullscreen has proper high-contrast lighting, whereas borderless lighting is bit diffused (on any settings).
2. Cropped Mouse Workarounds:
A. To quit game, click Quit (mouse or Space), then press key A, then Space.
B. To take Photo with Camera, press Space twice.
C. Navigate Cellphone (V) menu's tabs with Q & E, their content with WASD, mouse wheel for scrollbars.
3. ** Flawless Widescreen (FWS) Fix.
A. Go to menu Settings, Configuration, Display Detection. Checkmark Enable Detection Override; enter Width & Height (fullscreen PLP), HUD W&H & HUDX (center's size), HUDY zero. Save Changes.
B. Load game plugin, checkmark all, quit.
C. Find (path-to-FWS)\PluginCache\FWS_Plugins\ Modules\TheAmazingSpiderman2\ Dependencies\Scripts\TheAmazingSpiderman2.lua.
D. Find line DisplayRect_HUD["Left"]:WriteFloat( DisplayInfo:GetfOffsetX() ). Replace (Notepad) its string "DisplayInfo:GetfOffsetX()" with your side screen's px width.
E. Save LUA file, close. Start FWS.
4. FWS notes:
A. FWS must be restarted to recognise lua edits. Should backup lua file. If HUD reverts in future, paste file back in.
B. More lua file edits may improve game further, but difficult & not worth attempting (tester gave up).
C. HUDX override would normally be side's width, but this did not spread.

(rendered video)

(rendered video)

(dialog questions are cropped left. Matters little, just ask them all)

(FMV cutscene, rare)

(loading screen, notice game-world on sides, nighttime)

View guide for general help with the instructions.