Age Of Ascent - Guinness World Record Attempt - Friday 14th Feb @ 18:00 GMT onwards.

Submitted by Delphium on 14 March, 2014 - 11:47

Illyriad Games

Today Illyriad Game studios are trying to break a Guinness World Record attempt for the most people in a single online battle with their new release 'Age Of Ascent'.

Age Of Ascent is based in the environment of space, you get to fly your spacecraft and get into combat, the game is a MMO, similar in effect to Eve Online.
However unlike Eve Online, Age Of Ascent does not slow down time to cope with the number of users, everything is kept flowing in real-time powered by Microsoft's Azure cloud, using the periodic table as the baseline for their elements and materials leads to some interesting and realistic physics.

This week I have had the pleasure of meeting James Niesewand CEO of Illyriad Games and spoke a bit about the game and the upcoming Guinness World Record attempt to help capture the moment for prosperity, and with any luck a catch up once the dust settles after the event to hear more about the project form the team working on it.

To achieve this record attempt Illyriad Games invite you to join the Age Of Ascent battle begining at 6pm GMT today!

Best of all in order to be able to join it is....

  • Free To Play!
  • No Registration Required!
  • No Downloads Required!
  • No Installation Required!

Join The Battle

(Scott Manley speaks about his early access experience of the game)

The game has not yet been tested with triple screens, however I have been advised that the game behaves like it is Hor+.
Try it out and let us know, if any of you are able to capture in game footage of this while running in eyefinity/surround, (Skid im looking at you ;) ) that would be even better!

See you in the battle!!