WSGF Nov 2012 Survey Results - Page 2

Submitted by skipclarke on 18 November, 2012 - 19:17

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Connecting with the WSGF

It is evident from the previous questions and input, that the WSGF is kind of a "need to use" site for many people. While some people come around routinely, many people only use the site in preparation for purchasing a game, or fixing a game they have already purchased. We agree with the earlier comments that the WSGF should stay true to its roots, so we won't be looking to expand beyond our core mission. However, we do want to find a way to bring people back to the WSGF. We want to provide a reason to connect the community as much as possible.

We asked a couple of questions to gauge how people connect with the WSGF. The first question dealt with how we push site news and info out to people, and the second dealt with how people might want to connect for online gaming. With regards to connecting for information push, I was surprised with how many people don't use Facebook or Twitter. I thought those were all the rage. ;) We won't stop pushing our news out through those venues, but the data did show that many people are connected via Steam and YouTube. Based on this, we have started posting our news pieces to our Steam group as announcements, and lends for evidence that a video newsletter might be a good idea.

With regards to connecting for a game, Steam is the clear winner. We are going to start scheduling a weekly Steam event, and will be running polls on the site and inquiring in the Steam group what games people would like to play. We will also be looking to see what dates and times work best as well. The lack of interest in an MMO helps to explain why we were never able to get a WSGF guild off the ground.


Purchase & Play Habits

When looking at where people purchase games, Steam is the obvious winner with Origin being the big loser. My main reason for asking this question was to gauge interest in Amazon and GOG, with regards to our affiliate links. We've received just a handful of purchases through those links, and this data helps explain why. It's too bad Steam doesn't have some sort of affiliate or referral program, but with stats like this they really don't need it.

Corresponding with only moderate interest in GOG as a retailer is the moderate interest in indie and retro titles. I personally have a passion for indie devs and retro games, and I'm hoping that we can get more involvement with indie devs here at the WSGF.

With regards to play styles, single player is the most common, followed my co-op and the multi-player. This makes sense given the popularity of single player RPGs on the WSGF, like Oblivion. The interest in co-op and multi-player does bode well for us getting people together for a regular Steam game night.


Additional Bits

In a first attempt to see what accessories our community uses and would like to see reviewed, we put together these two questions. There is a solid usage of Stereoscopic-3D, followed by the 4th "accessory" monitor and other immersive accessories. There is some interest in seeing reviews and news on these products on the WSGF, and we will see where we might be able to fit this in.


Thanks again for your feedback, and be sure to take our short four question follow-up.