WSGF Edition Stand with 27" in 5x1-P

Submitted by skipclarke on 2 August, 2012 - 15:20

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I wanted to pass along some info and pics of a recent install with a WSGF Edition Stand. User l88bastard ordered the stand to use with five 27" panels in 5x1-P, even though the stand is only rated for 24" panels in 5x1-P. He used the Samsung 1080p 27" panels - 4x S27A750D and 1x S27A950D. These are 120Hz panels and are extremely light. The problem is that all of the connectivity is in this little pedestal base, and there is no VESA mount. Using steps outlined by HardOCP member Vega, l88bastard was able to free the panel and all the circuitry from the base and the enclosure.

With these steps VESA mounts can be screwed directly to the metal panel enclosure. This results in extremely light panels, with VERY little bezel. This puts you well within the weight limits on the WSGF Stand. The only question is will five 27" panels physically fit on the bar. The answer is yes. Here is thin-bezeled 120Hz 5x1-P Eyefinity on a WSGF Stand. You can see more pics of the setup in action in this gallery.


This is obviously a unique use case, and a bit of work is required to get here. Looks at these two behind the scenes pics, we see that the VESA mount (the pivot) is centered on the panels. However, considering the panels position, it look like the pivot would still have enough room with 27" panels. The only issue now is finding a set of panels that are light enough, have VESA mounts and thin enough bezels to make this workable for those less inclined to this much modding.


I'd love to certify the WSGF Stand for 5x1-P with 27" displays. So, who can help us find 27" panels that are less than 12lb. each (without their stand) and have a VESA mount? To keep the price reasonable, it would need to be 1080p (versus 2560x1440), and LED-backed is going to be required to keep the weight down. Post your suggestions in the comments below.