WSGF Edition Ergotech Multi-Monitor Stand

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standThe Widescreen Gaming Forum (WSGF) has been working for the last six months with the folks at The Ergotech Group to design a multi-monitor stand to fit the needs of our gaming audience. I've spent this time planning, designing, prototyping, testing and revising a number of designs, to arrive at what we are now releasing as the "WSGF Edition Heavy Duty Triple Desk Stand". The goal of this design was to provide a single product that would grow with users as they expand and enhance their multi-monitor setup.

This product is unique is in the configuration options it allows. It allows for (most) 27" panels to be used in 3x1-Landscape. The "standard" offerings top out at 24" or 26", depending on whether the fixed or telescoping wings are used. Additionally, the stand offers a "one over three" configuration for users who want a single screen over a 3x1-Landscape configuration. It also allows for five monitors in portrait configuration.

The pivots for the stand are rated to hold 25 pound monitors. On a normal stand, this allows you to put 75 pounds on the bar (in a triple configuration). The five segment bar adds to hinges to the configuration, and thus the total weight allowed is reduced. Each of the two center hinges carries the weight of both outside monitors, and thus we need to be aware of the strain placed on these locations. To ensure safe operation, we are setting the weight limit for the total bar at approximately 60 pounds.


Update - The online store is live. You can purchase stands at

I am actively working to get the store online. Until then, you can purchase a WSGF Edition or upgrade kit buy emailing us with your address and which unit you need. I can then generate an invoice through PayPal. Shipping in the US is a flat $25 on all items (and sales tax is collected in the state of Texas). Shipping to Canada is approximately $50, but will need to be quoted based on your specific location. Shipping quotes for other international destinations are available as well.

The price of the WSGF Edition stand is $399, with upgrade kits ranging from $75 - $175. The I.C.E. Cube connectivity option is available for an additional $50. This provides four plugs for your monitors at the stand location (only requiring one cable to be plugged into your surge protector or wall. It also offers a 15A breaker for these outlets, and a pass through for two USB connections (these are non-powered). The I.C.E. Cube is only available with the purchase of a stand or upgrade kit.


For reference, here is the video I put together about the development of the stand. A few details have changed since this video was put together. All the updated information can be found in this article.

Use Cases

Below are some examples of possible configurations available with the WSGF Edition. PLEASE NOTE - These are only rule of thumb examples. Please see the actual specifications below, and compare them to the technical specifications of your actual monitor.


The "standard" triple heavy duty stand is designed to fit "most monitors" up to 24" (diagonal viewing area). Adding the telescoping wings increases this measurement to (most) 26" monitors. The WSGF Edition will fit monitors up to 25.5" wide (physical width). This means it will fit (most) 27" monitors. For example, the stand will fit both the HP ZR2740w 27" IPS monitor (25.4" wide, and 17.6 lbs. without stand) and the Dell U2711 27" IPS monitor (25.5", and 17.0 lbs) in a 3x1 configuration.

1 + 3x1-Landscape

The "standard" triple heavy duty stand is designed to fit a single row of monitors. The WSGF Edition includes a "tall pole", which allows for a fourth monitor to be placed over a 3x1-Landscape configuration. The WSGF Edition will accommodate two monitors that are 16" tall (physical height). The WSGF Edition will allow for a fourth monitor (including most 27" panels) to be placed in the top position. For example: the HP Z2740w is 15.4" in height, and the Dell U2711 is 15.2" in height.

For users looking to place an HDTV over a 3x1-Landscape configuration, please remember these guidelines: the total height of both monitors cannot exceed 32", the weight of the top display cannot exceed 25 pounds, and the included pivots only support 75mm2 and 100mm2 patterns.


The "standard" heavy duty stand is designed for just three monitors. The five segment bar on the WSGF edition allows for five monitors to be placed in a portrait orientation, with articulation between each panel. The stand will accommodate many 24" monitors in 5x1-Portrait. In this configuration, weight is the bigger issue (over screen size). The WSGF Edition will handle both the HP ZR2440w LED IPS monitor (14.5" height, and 10.8 pounds), and the Dell U2412M LED IPS monitor (14.25" height and 8.7 pounds). However, it will not handle the Dell U2410 IPS panel, as its weight of 14.3 pounds exceeds the weight limit of the bar.

Specifications & Pricing

As a first pass, you can use the follow bullet points as a general "rule of thumb". However, if you are in doubt on if your monitors will work, please check their technical specifications against the limits in the spec box below:

  • Any panel up to 24" in 3x1-Landscape or 1+3x1
  • Any LED panel up to 27" in 3x1-Landscape or 1+3x1
  • Any panel up to 22" in 5x1-Landscape
  • Any LED panel up to 24" in 5x1-Landscape

Detailed Specifications:

  Total Bar Weight 1+3 Total Weight 3x1-L Width* 5x1-P Width* 1+3-L Height* Price**
Standard Triple 75 lbs N/A 22.5 in N/A N/A $249
Triple w/ Wings 75 lbs N/A 25.0 in N/A N/A $299
WSGF Edition 60 lbs 85 lbs 25.5 in 15.0 in 16.0 in $399
3 > 4 Upgrade 75 lbs 100 lbs 22.5 in N/A 16.0 in $75
3 > 5 Upgrade 60 lbs N/A 25.5 in 15.0 in N/A $125
Full Upgrade 60 lbs 85 lbs 25.5 in 15.0 in 16.0 in $175
*These measurements are the physical height and width of your monitors - NOT the diagonal viewable area. Please measure your monitors. **Street price.

Do I Need the WSGF Edition Stand?

If you only ever plan to run a "simple" 3x1 configuration, then the WSGF is not needed. For that configuration you only need the standard triple stand (for most monitors up to 24" diagonal) or the triple with telescoping wings (for most monitors up to 26" diagonal). These configuration will be available for purchase on the WSGF. The last thing we want is for someone to "overbuy" for their actual needs. You only need the WSGF Edition stand if you are:

  • Planning to use 27" panels in a 3x1 configuration
  • Want to run 25" - 26" panels on a fixed bar (not using telescoping wings)
  • Running, or plan to run, a "1 over 3" configuration
  • Running, or plan to run, a 5x1-Portrait configuration

What If I Already Have an Ergotech Standard Triple Stand

For users that already have one of the standard heavy duty stands from Ergotech, we have worked with them to develop upgrade kits. The price of the full upgrade is more than the price differential between the standard triple and the WSGF Edition. For a new purchase, Ergotech is able to substitute the tall pole for the standard, and substitute the 5-segment bar for the standard. The upgrade kits have to take into account the full cost of these parts, and not the "upgrade" cost over the basic pieces.

  HD Base 28in. Pole 5-Seg Bar "Mini" Bar Pivots Price**
WSGF Edition X X X X 5 $399
3 > 4 Upgrade   X   X 1 $75
3 > 5 Upgrade     X   2 $125
Full Upgrade   X X X 2 $175
Components included in each kit. *Street Price

The kits allow you to upgrade your existing stand to fit one of three configurations:

  • "3 > 4" - This upgrade is for users who want to add a fourth monitor above their 3x1-Landscape, but have no intention of implementing a 5x1-Portrait configuration.
  • "3 > 5" - This upgrade is for users who want to go from a 3x1-Landscape to a 5x1-Potrait configuration, but have no intention of implementing a "1 over 3" setup.
  • "Full" - This upgrade kit is for users who want the freedom to use either three, four or five monitors. This is useful for users to play to upgrade to a 4th and 5th monitor in stages, or for users who want the freedom to change their configuration.