Tutorial: Viewing 3D Screenshots with the NVIDIA Photo Viewer

Submitted by skipclarke on 6 July, 2011 - 21:11

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Several of our image galleries contain 3D images. One big question is - "How do you view them?" This is a quick tutorial on how to view side-by-side Stereoscopic 3D images in the NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer.

First, download the NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer from NVIDIA.

Next, browse to a gallery that has 3D images. The 3D images have an anaglyph glasses icon in the upper left-hand corner.


Click the image to open it in the lightbox. Both this initial preview and lightbox are cropped to preview the left image. You will notice the file link just under the image (on the left side). The image file will end in .jps.


From here you can do two things. One, you can right-click and do a "save as". Second, you click the image to open in the browser and then right-click to save-as.
In both cases, you must add .jps to the end of the screenshot name, so the NVIDIA Photo Viewer will recognize it.


From there you open the image in the NVIDIA 3D Photo Viewer and enjoy.