Review: Corsair Vengeance M90 Mouse & K90 Keyboard - Software

Submitted by skipclarke on 13 June, 2012 - 17:50

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This is the crux of my one real issue with the M90/K90 combo - the software. There is only beta software available from Corsair (with no included documentation). The previous stable release isn't available for download. I find it odd that the only available release is a beta, which is dated from early January 2012. Why is it still considered beta? And what is unstable about it?

Not finding any instructions in the download, I started poking around the Corsair website. On the product page, there is a FAQ which offers simple instructions for "How do I record a macro?" These are pretty simple (paraphrased):

  1. Open the Vengeance Gaming Software
  2. Press the Macro Record (MR) button
  3. Choose the button you'd like to program
  4. Every button you press now will be recorded, until you click MR again
  5. Once the macro is recorded, you can then edit it manually

Great! Stellar! This fixes my first (and primary) issue. I had assumed that you open the software, select the button you want to program, THEN press the MR button. So, it's MR button first, then the programmable key. But, what are all those playback options (there are four)? And, what about the other three sets of options: Advanced, Delay and Button?

Needing more information, I kept hunting around the Corsair website. The product page also has links for Learn and Videos. The Learn section is a set of blog entries about the Vengeance gaming products. The top entry links to a screencast about the software. This entry is also the sole item listed under Videos. Embedded below is the screencast from the Vengeance website:

Under the support section of their website, I did find a large FAQ for the Vengeance mice and keyboards. One of the links is for a software guide, based on setting up the M90. The linked PDF clocks in at 27 pages, and is extremely detailed. With the screencast and the guide, I felt like I had the tools to dive into setting macros.