Red vs Green vs Blue V2 - Conclusion

Submitted by AussieTimmeh on 8 April, 2012 - 03:29

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So which is the best setup to go for?

I've drawn up a CheatSheet that looks at the Pros and Cons of each setup. This should help people assess the different setups to the others, as what I see as unimportant may be a deal-breaker to you. As with all the images, click on it to bring up a larger version. If you are not sure what I mean by something, refer back to the page in this article that talks about it.


My previous conclusion was to buy the biggest baddest Eyefinity card you can, pray that the drivers install ok, live with its flaws and enjoy the good times. To me, it was the best of 3 imperfect setups. That was Version 1 and alot has changed since then.

With the update to the Nvidia Surround drivers, I can whole-heartedly recommend the Nvidia setup as the best system of the lot. It has the least flaws by far, and now that you can even use it on a single card (such as the GTX680), it will be even more appealing to people. Put it this way - I made the effort to move from Eyefinity to Nvidia Surround for my everyday rig at the conclusion of writing this article.

If you’re looking to buy or upgrade a triple-monitor setup, I hope you found this article useful in making your decision. Cheers!