Palit NVIDIA GTX460 in Surround: 1GB vs. 2GB - Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Submitted by skipclarke on 26 September, 2010 - 03:16

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Genre: First Person Shooter
Surround Support: Good

Everything at maximum, resolution varied. 4xAA.


Framerates are excellent no matter what. Not surprising, as Half-Life 2 is showing its age now.


Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is, in fact, the first of two games tested which do not take the extra VRAM offered by the 2GB cards and run with it. Mostly, this is because it just doesn’t need that much VRAM. I will be trying this again with the FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 10 in due course as that is much more demanding. It is interesting that the increase in VRAM has a significant impact on minimum framerates, but at >100fps, it’s hardly worth worrying about.


Half-Life 2: Lost Coast appeared not to be overly concerned about VRAM, using if it was there and needed, but otherwise it wasn’t framerate tanking the way other games did.

There is one important issue with Half-Life 2: Lost Coast: in Surround (5760x1200 or 6064x1200) there is some significant graphical corruption on some textures. Wherever water touched, textures were purple. Still textures; they were just tinted purple. This was not observed at 1920x1200. FFCM10 was not tested, so I do not know if that would fix it. .