NVIDIA GeForce GTX275 896MB vs. 1792MB Review - Far Cry 2

Submitted by skipclarke on 9 July, 2009 - 01:56

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Built-In Benchmarking Tool. This was set to the "Ultra" settings with 4xAA. This was run on the "Ranch Long" run, with an average of three passes. Results between the three runs were very consistent. Higher resolutions take a consistent toll on performance, and higher aspect ratios take an ever bigger toll. The GTX 295 consistently outperforms the GTX 275 at all resolutions except 5040x1050. Now remember this is at Ultra settings with 4xAA.

Far Cry 2

Knocking back the graphics quality to "High and 4xAA" will net you just under 30fps with both GTX 275s, and just over 30fps with "High and 2xAA." Turning AA off puts you above 40fps in "High," and at 30fps in "Very High." The two cards continue to perform within a couple points of each other. I ran a matrix of benchmarks to show how the card performs at different combinations of quality and anti-aliasing.

Far Cry 2

At lower resolution levels, the GTX 275 896MB somehow outperforms the 1792MB card by a few points. This draws to neck-and-neck performance at 5040x1050. In reality the 1792MB card averages 19.7fps, and the 896MB card averages 19.0fps. While this may sound like a negligible difference, looking at the detailed performance tells a different story.

As you can see in the graph below, the 896MB card hiccups at several points in the benchmark as it swaps textures in and out of memory. The 1792MB card does not suffer this hindrance. While the overall average only shows a .7fps gain for the 1792MB card, the overall performance is much smoother. We see this phenomenon at 2560x1600 and 3840x1024 as well.

Far Cry 2