ATI Radeon 5770 & 5750 Review - Far Cry 2

Submitted by skipclarke on 28 June, 2010 - 18:22

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Far Cry 2 (and the whole Cry/Crysis series) has long been considered a system killer. If not a killer, then at least a good strong test. As always, we run our test at max settings with 4xAA. The benchmark tool within Far Cry 2 offers settings for High, Very High and Ultra. We chose Ultra with 4xAA.

While once a true system killer, Far Cry 2 shows that hardware catches up to software. Even a sub-$200 card provides an easily playable experience.

There is a larger gap in performance between the 5750 and the 5670. With the proper tweaks, Far Cry 2 would be playable on a 5770 in Eyefinity. The "mainstream" moniker of the 5670 begins to stand out as mainstream users are single display users.

Hitting 60fps

Widescreen - 60fps can be hit by dropping the settings to 0xAA and Very High.

Eyefinity - 60fps can be in with the above settings, and 4800x900.

Far Cry 2