AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition & HD 7750 Review - Aliens vs. Predator

Submitted by skipclarke on 4 March, 2012 - 05:17

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Still demanding DX11 benchmark that we've used for a while here on the WSGF. Though it's closing in on two years old, the AvP stand-alone benchmark tool is still a good test of DX11 hardware. It isn't very demanding from a CPU perspective, so it gives a good test of the GPU itself.

The AvP demo also makes good usage of DX11 effects such as Advanced Shadows and Geometry Tessellation, particularly on the alien create and the alien "pods". There are also some unique lighting effects used, by placing mobile lighting sources in a floor lamp that is battered around by the alien creatures as they clamor down a tight hallway.

The AVP benchmark proved odd for me this go round. Normally, card placement is static between widescreen and Eyefinity (the #2 card in WS will be the #2 card in EF). For some reason the HD 7770 comes in below the HD 6770 (and the rest of the pack) in widescreen. It does best the HD 6770 in Eyefinity, but somehow the HD 6790 beats everything.

From a purely qualitative standpoint, AVP is quite demanding on the HD 7770 and the HD 7750. The HD 7770 GHz Edition will crack 30fps at 1600x900, but falls short at 1080p. The game is simply unplayable at max settings in Eyefinity.