AMD Radeon 6790 Review - Just Cause 2

Submitted by skipclarke on 7 April, 2011 - 05:00

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Just Cause 2 is the wildly popular sequal to the wildly popular Just Cause. You take control of protagonist Rico Rodriquez and rain down over the top destruction across a small desert island. The game is a free roaming title that offers literally limitless options to wreck havoc with your "hook shot" grapling device.

While the benchmark tool in the demo doesn't offer anything in the way of explosions or destruction, it does offer some beautiful scenery that is still quite demanding on multi-monitor environments.

The CFX configurations max out at 120fps for single widescreens, and top out at 60fps for Eyefinity. Single cards easily hit 60fps for widescreen and 30fps for Eyefinity. It's great to see a current, modern, and beautiful game performing this well across the whole range of cards and price points.

The HD 6790 blazes past 30fps on a single screen, and approaches 60fps at 1600x900. Similarly, the HD 6790 approaches 30fps at 3x1600x900. With slightly reduces settings, you could hit 60fps on a single screen and 30fps on Eyefinity.

One interesting thing to note about the Just Cause 2 demo. I first started testing with the demo benchmark. It only recognized 4GB of the RAM in my system. However, the benchmark in the full game recognizes all 12GB. I can't determine if the extra RAM provides any benefits, as the demos are different.

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