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LeoRoqueSilva wrote:
susahamat wrote:did you plug another monitor or tv ?? try unplug the cable ... m/ej4b2xz/

I do not use another monitor

I think it may be that your system is not performing enough?

OR uses something like RTSS FPS limit?
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susahamat wrote:basically w/ 75 or higher are works on fps/refreshrate below that without judder/microstuttering . but if you want to specific refreshrate/fps here how to calculate

1/fps , for example target is 74 then exact value is 1/74= 0.0135135135135135 > convert 0.0135135135135135 (float) to hex here . you'll get 0x3c5d67c9 then switch to little endian hex C9 67 5D 3C.

the hex value for 74hz is C9 67 5D 3C 4C 89 AB 70

I get it. I tried to change. it worked. !

Thank you so much for your help.! :twothumb:
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Does anyone know what causes sharpening effect while rotating camera? Is it bound to 21:9 ratio or anything like it? I used both tweaks to remove low hp/stealth overlays and I used 4.7v exe to force this game to work in 21:9 but I cant get ridnof this sharpening effect.
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Can anybody confirm whether the fixes work for nvidia surround/eyefinity 48:9?
21x9 Users
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it works , i saw pictures 48x9 on helifax pics ... 0/#6016860
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Hi guys, I'm using Ultrawide exe v4 patched with 144hz and hex-edited to have +15% FOV with modengine installed(v0.1.6) and working and using PS4 Button Prompts on legit steam 1.02 version. (Low health and hunting vignettes also removed)

The bug where you slow down when walking near a wall/debris doesn't happen when you are locked onto an enemy, so it's really not a big deal in boss fights since you will be locked on all the time. Sometimes when you block at a certain time no deflect registers and the enemy's swing goes through you but does no damage. It is not a big deal though, I'd rather have a few bugs than go back to 60 fps. Hopefully it can be fixed.
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I also came back to 60hz version. It's much smoother, the frametime is more stable and less deflection bugs.
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jackfuste wrote:
DaemonXHUN wrote:I'm wondering would it be possible to remove the NPC dialogue overlay, the death screen overlay and the item pick up overlay as well? All of these are 16:9 just like the red health overlay and the black stealth overlay. These are not really big problems, but if these were done, this modification would be totally perfect.


v1 didn't have anything in the 'ShaderFixes' folder, but whatever v2 has introduces the posture bar bug. Are the contents of 'ShaderFixes' important? Removing it removes the posture bug fix while keeping the stealth/damage/dialogue vignette off.

It's specifically 622bc5aa4ce21c9b-vs_replace.txt that causes the bug
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vesterG0D wrote:Fantastic work on this so far.

One minor complaint. With Disable textures v2, there's a fairly large white-ish box showing up in the middle of all posture bars.

vesterG0D wrote:Here you go


The message "Failed to load custom texture resource" is disabled.
Bars are fixed, but then the black screen at level loading will be 16:9.

DemonSeed wrote:@jackfuste

Thank you so much for all your fixes, especially the FPS unlocker :)

However, I have experienced one pretty big bug.

When your character brushes up against walls, debris, or a bumps he will go in stealth speed, but you are still standing up.
To break out of it you have to stop and move again, dodge, or jump.

This kinda breaks the smooth flow, because pretty much any of the above slows you to a crawl.

This is a pretty big deal imo, especially in boss fights where this could get you killed very easily.

Fixed slow running speed.

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Thanks for the patch.

Just to let anyone who is having the same problem I had know, the patch didn't work until I disabled my second monitor.

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