Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale 2011 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 4 June, 2015 - 01:23

Game looks good. Hor+ & FOV looks proper. HUD & all text perfect, FMV cutscenes & loading screens are single-screen. But minor issues *.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect, human melee)

1. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 86).
2. Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Daggerdale\DnDGame\Config\ (if can't find, *).
A. Edit DnDEngine.ini. ResX & ResY yours.
B. Edit DndInput.ini. i. In section [Engine.PlayerInput], add two lines: Bindings=(Name="Z",Command="FOV 109.182") & Bindings=(Name="X",Command="FOV 93.182"). Z's FOV is approximate, adjust as needed (75 default. Can also bind V, F10, F12 for testing); X's entry is 16 less FOV than your Z entry (91 default).
3. In-game wait for player, press Z. If game FOV reverts, press Z again (infrequent). When a rendered cutscene, press X (optional **).

(elf melee, she has a great spammable roll-dodge)

(stationary view)

1. * Minor issues:
A. The following are vert- (not a problem): menu backgrounds, Create/Load Character screens (toons are big but not cropped).
B. ** Rendered video is hor+ & has FOV 16 higher (bit zoomed out) when Z key's FOV is active. Pressing X corrects it, but looks good either way.
2. Game offers two view distances: PageUp/D-pad for High, PageDn/D-pad for Low (screenshot is Low).
3. * Game creates ini files on in-game settings change. If still not exist, attempt (path-to-game)\DnDGame\Config\ for similar).
4. Mouse Clipping Fix (optional, recommended if using mouse & OS GUI interferes): PrimaryLock utility limits mouse movement (instructions in guide/parent page).
5. In-game settings changes will not undo your PLP edits.

(elf ranged, boss)

(elf ranged, boss)

View guide for general help with the instructions.