AMD Radeon 6790 Review - Mafia II

Submitted by skipclarke on 7 April, 2011 - 05:00

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Mafia II is an open world "crime" title from 2K Games. It is the second game in the Mafia series. The demo comes with a built-in benchmark tool that offers both indoor and outdoor environments, various lighting effects and fire.

A single card won't quite hit 30fps in Eyefinity, but a CFX setup pushes past consistently. We see a CPU limit at about 70fps in widescreen. Mafia II proves to be quite a demanding benchmark for Eyefinity, as only CFX configurations can consistently cross 30fps in Eyefinity.

The HD 6790 pushes past 30fps in a single screen configuration. Eyefinity (at max settings) is challenging for any modern card on an Intel Core i7-920. Eyefinity is going to be a challenge for the HD 6790 - at any settings.

AvP 2010 EF

AvP 2010 WS