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 Post subject: How to align monitors
PostPosted: 27 Nov 2014, 19:43 

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I've searched Google and WSGF forums and all I'm finding is software based alignment and discussions regarding the alignment tools included in the new edition.

How the heck do you line up monitors. I tried leveling the monitors then putting them together, tried positioning than side by side, tilting every which way and no matter what I do there is always something unlevel wherever it be the monitor's horizontal alignment of the spacing between the monitors. I had this same problem with the original stands.

A visual representation would be awesome. Maybe a YouTube video?

I am now remembering why I quit trying to do this the last time around years ago. I'm OCD and have spent hours positioning every which way. I had hoped that it would be easier with a fixed stand like the Freedom stand v2.0 however it's proving more difficult. :crazy:


PostPosted: 07 Mar 2015, 08:40 

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I'm going to take a stab at this after looking at a few videos and say some basic geometry will help. The two side monitors are of course based on basic positioning of the main center monitor, but in all axis. The protractor with a yard stick and some graph paper might help.

First thing to establish is if you are sitting directly across from your main screen. Make sure your desktop is level and straight and then check to see if each bottom corner of the display is equally distant from the desktop. Next make sure the panel face is perpendicular (90 degrees) from the desktop. Next, you will want to decide the approximate desired "wing angle" the two side monitors will be at. Just for argument, lets just say 10 degrees. Set the arms to the 10 degrees for each arm so thy are ready for monitors. Double check your angles and premeasure monitor placement on each arm and mount them. After putting the level on the face of each panel (with the level held vertically, where the bubble can either go towards the panel or away from it) make sure all 3 panels are not tilting in or out. Check to make sure the monitors are at the desired 10 degrees from display face to display face by putting the protractor on the top side of the monitors. As long as they are all level and properly angled on a straight and level desktop, you should be set. And in case you want a check list, here is all the measurements you can take to try to improve things"
1.Level- Display face with the level in the vertical position
2.Level- Along the top edge of the display in the horizontal position
3. Protractor(with a ruler or yard stick)- At the desktop to measure that the display is 90 degrees from the desktop
4. Protractor- At the top f the monitors to check the appropriate "wing angle"
5. Ruler/tape measure/yard stick- to measure from desktop to each bottom corner of each display (6 in total if running 3 monitors) Each distance should be the same

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2015, 06:10 
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Hope these step by step assembly notes help. :)

For my Freedom v2 stand I did the following. Less than an hour from opening the box to completely setup.
(should be somewhat similar for most other stands).

1 Assemble the base and long bar for 3+1 (or the short bar for 3 wide only).
2 Slide the 5 part crossbar down to roughly the height wanted and make snug (not locked tight yet).
3 Mount the center monitor to the bar using the non vertical adjusting mount.
4 Measure the distance from the monitor to the desk and remove the central monitor from the cross bar.
5 Adjust the final height of the 5 part crossbar and lock it down tight.
6 Remount center monitor (do NOT adjust it yet).
7 Mount the 2 side monitors (using the vertical adjusting mounts) and swing the arms roughly into position allowing the crossbar to sag whatever amount it's going to in the final setup.
8 Now adjust the central monitor to be vertical and exactly centered & tighten the adjustment lock screws.
9 Adjust ONE side of the arm & monitor to the angle you want it.
10 Adjust that side monitor to be vertical and tight up against the center monitors side bezel.
11 Use the mount height adjustment to raise that side monitor to exactly match the center monitor height.
12 Now adjust the 2nd wing. Start by mounting the 2nd side monitor the exact same distance from the end of the 2nd wings arm as the 1st sides monitor is.
13 THEN adjust the 2nd wing and monitor to match the first side.
14 Finally, adjust the height to match the 1st two monitors.
15 If using a 3+1 setup, attach the top mini-bar, then the 4th monitor and adjust them as desired.

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2015, 17:10 
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Here's a link to the PDF instructions I include with each WSGF Stand. Most likely the issue you're having is that the monitors are tilting forward and backward. It may be so slight that you don't realize it, but it will throw off all the alignment. Best thing is to get a level and follow the instructions linked below.


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