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Submitted by skipclarke on 5 July, 2012 - 20:55

WSGF Rezzed Meet-Up

Don't forget that the WSGF is having a meet-up a the Rezzed UK Game Show. WSGF staff members Delphium and Skid will be covering the show for the WSGF. They will be reporting on the show, and engaging game developers about widescreen and multi-monitor gaming. Find them at the show to get some swag they will be giving away.

Ergotech Speaker Accessory

We've launched a discussion about a possible new accessory from monitor stand maker, Ergotech. They had previously explored the idea of speaker mounts for their HD Triple line of monitor stands. We've got an article posted, where you can sound off and give your feedback.

GOG Lists

We love GOG here at the WSGF. GOG offers classic retro games and indie games, but DRM-free. So, what's not to love? Over the past few months we've done a bit of work to help you find information about GOG games on the WSGF. From that list you can easily find the known status of all the GOG games on the WSGF. You can also use our affiliate links to purchase games from GOG, and help support the WSGF.

The flip side of that is that I have created two "mixes" on GOG. The first is a list of games that work in Widescreen, while the second is a list of games that work in Eyefinity and Surround. If you've got a GOG account (and if you don't you should), please go vote for these lists. Doing so will help ensure they show on the appropriate game pages, and help people know which games will work on their systems.


We've had a number of new blog posts lately. These two below are great pieces about games and gamers.
- Has Gaming Stagnated?
- Gamers: Bunch of Bitchy Little Girls

Game Review

We're working on a format for official WSGF game reviews. While we're working that members are blogging their game reviews on the WSGF. Check out these latest reviews.
- Ys
- Diablo III
- Dirt: Showdown

Dirt Showdown Fix

Good news for Eyefinity and Surround fans of Dirt Showdown. We found out late in the game that the FOV was hampered for multi-monitor users. Turns out that was done to prevent clipping in the game. In an upcoming update, Codies is going to add a switch in the .ini file to choose between the full FOV and a clip-free FOV.


Thanks to everyone who donated in our donation drive for the first half of 2012. You helped us cover our hosting costs, as well as the costs for our 2012 awards. We hit 101% of our stretch goal, and I greatly appreciate everyone's generosity. Thank you!