Formerly a UT2004 mod, Damnation is a UE3-based third-person shooter/climber set in a steampunk Far West.

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Support summary
Screen change: 

Widescreen Method: 
  • .ini edit
Widescreen HUD: 
  • Proper

Ultra/Super-Wide Method: 
Ultra/Super-Wide HUD: 

Multi-monitor Method: 
  • .ini edit
Multi-monitor HUD: 
  • Hinderance

4k UHD Method: 
4k UHD HUD: 

Rendered cut-scenes: 
  • Anamorphic
FMV cut-scenes: 
  • Anamorphic
Game information
Game status:
Release Date:
Friday, 22 May, 2009

Tested Version: 

Play styles: 
, ,


Developer feedback: 

Steam ID's: 
12790, , , ,
Comparison Screenshots
  • 4:3 Screenshot
  • 16:10 Screenshot
  • 16:9 Screenshot
  • Super-Wide (32:9) Screenshot
  • Eyefinity / Surround Screenshot
Solutions & Issues
Baseline (Widescreen) Solution & Issues

.ini edit, or easier still: download Damnation - Camera fix (16 kb) (http://www.4shared.com/file/i_wQ4o8P/Damnation_-_Camera_fix.html)

Surprise, this cheap UE3 game is Vert- out of the box.
There's a bunch of FOV values to edit in Documents\My Games\Damnation\DamnGame\Config\DamnCamera.ini though.
Save yourself the trouble of using FOVCalc a dozen times: download the already-modded files and copy the file that's right for your AR.

Ultra/Super-Wide (21:9/32:9) Specific Solution & Issues

Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution & Issues

Same method.
The vert- bike riding is painful, even though the FOV gets higher at full speed. Fortunately you can switch to a single-screen resolution and back at any time during play.

4k UHD Specific Solution & Issues

Stereoscopic-3D Solution & Issues

Expand all screenshots and resolution details
Expand all screenshots and resolution details

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