X-Trac Performance Mouse Pad Reviews - Mouse Grips v2.0

Submitted by skipclarke on 25 June, 2006 - 00:28

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These grips help a lot more than you think. I have been thinking about getting something like this for awhile now, because I tend to get palm sweat when I play my CS:S matches. But I never got any of these grips until now and now I can't believe that I didn't get them sooner.

They are really easy to apply. First you place your palm over your mouse to determine how you rest your palm on it. If the grips will fit your mouse, then you are good to go - just make sure you clean it with the included alcohol wipe. I have a MX518 and I got a bit too excited and impatient to try them, so I cleaned it and applied them right after I checked out how I rest my palm on the mouse. Due to my haste, I then realized I should have cut some of the pieces to make them fit better, so there's a heads up for you. Once they are applied there is only a little time until they really stick to the mouse and then you won’t be able to move them. The X-Trac Pad's instructions indicate that the grips will last for about 6 months.

My overall experience with the grips is really positive. You know how little friction the MX518 has to begin with, then after a while the mouse buttons becomes really slippery if your palm sweats. If your palms don't sweat, you will have a really solid grip on the mouse and it will not move in your hand. The Mouse Grips do a really good job, even when my palms sweat a lot while playing CS:S. With these grips, my hand and fingers do not move or slip as easy as they did before. These grips are great even if you aren't a gamer. I especially liked the Grips when not playing games, because the whole mouse seemed to respond better when it sticks to your palm.

Unfortunately, it is not that obvious to be able to figure out exactly where to put each of the Grip’s different shaped strips, as they are a little odd shaped and their exact position will depend on the shape of the mouse that you have and what style of grip you use. However, once you got it all figured out & have applied them, it is a whole new feeling and they are really easy to break in.

Mouse Gripz Mouse Gripz Installed

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Solid grip, Can be applied to any mouse, Low profile
  • Cons: After being applied, the mouse is less attractive


I really like these grips. It gives me a much more solid grip on my mouse and it is easier to do precision movements. If you have profuse palm sweat, they won't do any miracles, but will definitely be better than not having them.