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Submitted by skipclarke on 20 January, 2013 - 20:19

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If you so desire, there are a number of ways you can support the WSGF.

The WSGF is considered a "not for profit" website. The site is run by volunteers, and no one makes a living running the site. Everyone on the WSGF "staff" has day jobs, families, etc., and contributes much of their free time to keep the WSGF running for the community.

It costs a good deal of money, and takes a good deal of time from many people to keep the site going. The stand sales (along with ad revenue) are used to help cover the costs of running the site (hosting, purchasing test equipment and games, etc.), paying back old expenses and giving a little back to our volunteer staff. We appreciate your support, in any way possible.

Contributing Content

The best way anyone can help the WSGF is by contributing content to the site. New and fresh content is the lifeblood of any site, and new content is always welcome at the WSGF. The best part is that you can contribute content at no cost to yourself, and you have the satisfaction knowing that you are helping countless gamers across the globe.

Hit the "Contrib" link in the top menu for details on all the ways you can donate content to the WSGF.

Monetary Donation


If you would like to simply donate cash to the WSGF, we accept donations through PayPal.

Donating $25 will net you an "I Donated" badge, and donating $100 or more will get the "Like A Boss" badge added. All donations are cumulative over time. If you donate more than $200, talk to me and we'll see about getting you a custom one-of-a-kind badge.

Please note - Prior to our previous donation drives, the *ONLY* people on the site to have the "Like a Boss" badge were the four-man Admin Team (skipclarke, AussieTimmeh, CrackerJackMack and Delphium). Donation badges will remain a permanent part of your profile.


Affiliate Links

One way you can donate a few pennies is to use our affiliate links to purchase games or hardware. We realize most gamers use Steam to purchase current titles, but we still offer Amazon affiliate links (.com .ca) in each entry in our games database for those who are inclined to purchase physical media. And besides, those flags do look nice in the database entry. ^_^ You can also click the "Amazon Store" pages for each .com, and .ca. Anything you purchase after clicking that link will help the WSGF.

Something that is more likely to get your clicks are the GOG links. For indie and retro titles, it's hard to beat They also have a great affiliate program, and anything you buy through our links here will net us a few coins.