Palit NVIDIA GTX460 in Surround: 1GB vs. 2GB - Crysis

Submitted by skipclarke on 26 September, 2010 - 03:16

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Genre: First Person Shooter
Surround Support: Good

DX10, 64-bit, settings set to Very High, Resolution varied.

One thing to say: VRAM hog!

I don’t think a GTX460 SLI setup could handle Crysis at Very High even if it wasn’t munching VRAM for breakfast… but that nearly 1500MB used at 1920x1200 makes me wonder if a 480 would be the only real option. Even then, it needs more VRAM for Surround. Come on, someone, release a 3GB GTX480! Again, VRAM utilisation isn’t good on the 1GB cards – still seems to go for system RAM preferentially if it’s not got enough on the GPU.


Here is where I begin to think that testing Crysis at Very High was a mistake. Couldn’t enabled 4xAA on the 1GB cards without it trying to crash. Not sure what’s up there.


1920x1200 is playable. Others are not. Need to retest on something more reasonable, like a mixture of medium/high as that is where I actually play Crysis and it still looks good.