id Super Pack Widescreen & Mutli-Monitor Guide - Hexen II

Submitted by skipclarke on 10 August, 2007 - 00:05

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Engine: Hammer of Thyrion
Games Supported: Hexen II
Widescreen Solution: Native

Hexen II

Download Hammer of Thyrion. The package you probably want is Extract it to your hard drive. Open it, and open the "data1" folder.

Open another window and go to \SteamApps\common\hexen 2\data1.
Copy both *.pak files into your HoT Hexen II's "data1" folder.

To play it, go back to the hexen2-1.4.1 directory and run glh2.exe to play Hexen II.

Be sure to go to the options menu and set the music to MIDI. Activision Value didn't see fit to include the CD-quality music with this game or Quake 1&2. But unlike the Quakes, Hexen II does support MIDI music.