WSGF Ultimate Desk Stand v2100-D28-B15-v2 (WSGF)WSGF Ultimate Desk Stand v2$374.00
WSGF Mega Desk Stand v2100-D28-B25-v2 (WSGF)WSGF Mega Desk Stand v2$849.00
HD Adjustable PivotHD-PIVOTHD Adjustable Pivot$50.00
Thru Desk Mount (Option)THRU-DESK-KITThru Desk Mount (Option)$75.00
Upgrade Kit: XL PolePOLE-KIT-XLUpgrade Kit: XL Pole$40.00
Upgrade Kit: 3x1-XLWSGF-5SUpgrade Kit: 3x1-XL$125.00
Upgrade Kit: 1 Over 3WSGF-U13Upgrade Kit: 1 Over 3$75.00
Wall Mount Kit - Large (Option)WALL-KIT-LGWall Mount Kit - Large (Option)$75.00
Wall Mount Kit - Small (Option)WALL-KIT-SMWall Mount Kit - Small (Option)$50.00

Welcome to the WSGF Multi-Monitor Stand Store. We are an Ergotech reseller, and have partnered with them to create the WSGF Ultimate Stand. If you have any questions, please visit the stand forum section. You may also contact us with any questions you have about custom stand options.