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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2017, 19:29 

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All - I just purchased and received the Samsung 49" Super Ultra-Wide Curved gaming monitor. For gaming this monitor is AWESOME! Immersion like I have never experienced. I can't believe what a difference no bezels and a curved screen make (I used to have a triple screen setup).

Anyway, the resolution on this monitor is 3840 x 1080. For productivity in Windows 10 (I have Professional, 64-bit) the system fonts are not as sharp as I thought they would be and they are too large for my taste. I have looked around for a way to REDUCE the Windows 10 system font size (which I think would help a lot) but I can't seem to find it. You can scale em down to 100% but no lower - and that's still too big. I also have the creators update for Windows 10 which is part of the problem - MS in their infinite wisdom decided to remove all of the advanced font size configuration stuff in the creators update, so users are left with only the scale option and that's it.

FYI - I have already tried the registry tweak, System Font Changer, WinAero, and Windows Tweaker, they all allow you to change the font type, but NOT the font size.

Does anyone know of a way, tool, or utility that will allow me to reduce the Windows 10 system font SIZE?

Thanks - Mark


PostPosted: 18 Dec 2017, 04:26 

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If you did manage to reduce the font size, wouldn't the quality also be impaired due to using less pixels for each font? I can understand it if you wanted to make them bigger if you had a 4k 16:9.

Basically, it's still only a 1080p monitor so the fonts will be a little large. I'm on a 2560x1080 35" display and everything is large, but then it's the equivalent to a 28" 16:9. It sits next to a 24" 16:9, but after a while I decided that the font is just too small on that one. :)

This may not be very helpful, but you could adjust the font sizes within your popular apps, if you can't do it within the OS. Web browser, IDEs etc.

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2017, 07:23 
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I have the same issue.
Bough the C49HG90 a week ago, and the first time I used it was absolutely horrible. Browser and text look really bad.
In game that's all fine except a little too much aliasing. But that's the problem with Low DPI Monitors.
Nothing can change that. I've changed the Clear type setting in Win10 as much as possible to my liking, but now after one week I'm already accustomed to this and I don't really realize it anymore.

BTW on another note.
Have you tried Freesync? Do you know about the AMD Windmill 0.9.1 demo?

We gonna send it to outa space!

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