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PostPosted: 02 Apr 2016, 22:47 

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WinShift is a great little window-spreading application. It is a temporary replacement for ShiftWindow (which currently works poorly in Windows 10).

(WinShift. Showing common Windows 10 usage: resolution not entered.)


- ShiftWindow & WinShift have now been trumped (Apr 2, 2016). This post & WinShift software is now pointless.
- Both ShiftWindow & WinShift are now inferior to Borderless Gaming (https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases).
- Borderless Gaming appears to work flawlessly on Windows 10
- More details here: http://plp-gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Manual_PLP:_How_To_Spread_Games#Borderless_Gaming


- Name: WinShift (a ShiftWindow alternative)
- Version: 1.0. Dec 28, 2015
- Language: AutoIT v3.3.14.2
- Author: Imurst
- Exe & source attached in zip.


WinShift is a simplified version of ShiftWindow, with increased flexibility (where it matters) & improved Windows 10 support. In addition to ShiftWindow's primary functions (everything needed to easily change size & position of windows), WinShift allows moving windows while completely ignoring their resolutions. Size & position fields are all optional. This flexibility allows Windows 10 to spread windowed games full borderless, more often.

Windows 10's problem

Being able to convert a windowed multi-monitor game into borderless is manditory for gamer. But in Windows 10, the instant you touch a live window's resolution, it will often refuse to spread full borderless. This leaves a sliver of border/desktop around your game. Not all windowed apps/games suffer this anomally, but many. ShiftWindow (current version) always touches the resolution. So it fairly often refuses to spread full borderless. WinShift was created to fix this problem.


This program is likely a short-term solution, temporarily replacing ShiftWindow. If/When ShiftWindow is eventually fixed, WinShift will likely become redundant.

General Usage

- Portable, no install. Unzip it to a folder, maybe called WinShift. Make a link to it. Configuration files will be saved in WinShift's folder.
- All four position & resolution fields are optional. Leaving any of these boxes blank will simply leave that window-attribute unchanged.

Specific Usage

1. Use like ShiftWindow:
- Lookup (select or Open) name of Window to move/resize.
- Lookup (Grab or Open) or enter the position & resolution desired (though all fields are optional).

2. Or use for Windows 10 problem-games:
- Same as ShiftWindow, except leave Width & Height blank. This will MOVE window without touching resolution.
- Beforehand, set window/game's resolution to your liking, elsewhere (e.g. game config file edit).

User Rights

- Freely offered code, do anything you want. There is room for improvement (& cleanup), & there may be some other use for the code...
- This source code included in WinShift's folder (WinShift_SourceCode.txt).


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