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PostPosted: 05 Mar 2019, 14:45 

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I am looking to upgrade from a dual monitor setup to triple monitor setup. I currently have 2 Dell P2317H 23 inch widescreen monitors. I have plenty of juice/outputs on GPU to power all three so no worries there. I do like to game, but by no means a competitive gamer so the 60hz works fine for me. I like the monitors as they are for my home office and to work from home and casual gaming. I want to order a third one to match but noticed a new model came out (P2319H). They look to be the exact same screen size, just a different bezel. Worried the minor differences will cause more headache than its worth. I posted a link showing the differences in both.

https://www.displayspecifications.com/e ... /bd0463154

Below are my thoughts,

1. Purchasing the P2317H would match my existing 2 monitors. This would give me uniformity in having all three match exactly, same bezels, brightness, etc.
2. Purchasing the new P2319H has a different bezel, but the screens on both are identical in size. The P2319h has a slightly better refresh rate and a VERY Small bezel on the sides which is why I want it. This would shrink down the gaps having less bezel in between the monitors.
3. The third monitor I would make the center screen so the differences would not be that bad, but I also think having all three the same would just look better.
4. I was thinking since they are the same brand, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I can’t decide. Just worried if getting the new model the bezel differences would destroy the sleek uniformity look and risk potential brightness differences.

Which would you go with? The safe bet on getting the same monitor to match(P2317H), or the new model (P2319H)? Any input or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!


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