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 Post subject: N V M e WORKSTATIONS
PostPosted: 09 May 2017, 06:04 

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My latest 2 finished Builds..
1. I Had thoughts about this for months, you know those "If my Dreams would only come true" dreams, well one did, the first one was totlaly custom the other was A totally OEM RETRO MODD!

Started out with a Thermaltake Full Server Cube case 28d x 16w x 18h The mobo is an ASUS 10g-x99-E-Workstation Board with an Intel 6950x Chip Yes that is the one you think it is Extremely Fast.... 128 Gb System Memory Frozen CPU cooled Dual Water Blocks Dual 480mm Radiators 8 5,000 rpm fans in the top plus a few around the sides, eVga Labeled nVidia Model 1080 Founders Edition GPU, Sitting next to that in slot 2, 4 port Intel Ethernet Controller Bonded, Next to that sits 1 Startech Blue USB 3.2 4e 3.0 1e 3.2 'C' Port in slot 4, Moving right along in slot 7 sits the HighPoint Rocket Raid Model RR644L Host Buss Adapter Boot-able if necessary This drives a 4 bay external eSata Storage Array 4x 2Terabyte Seagate SAS Drives for starters totaling out to 7.xx TB and then Raided in a 1-5 raid design.

Now where the interesting part came in and the motivation for me even writing this article is: I have set up a 4 drive raid on a 4 bay NVMe PCIe card with 4 Samsung EVO 960 M keyed this compliments the EVO 960 I have sitting on the main board as well!! Anyways back to the 4 card raid, this thing is faster than .............. well a loose whore almost home......
To build the Raid Array took maybe 30 seconds it maps just like any other drive makes my 3 NAS units look worthless!! which brings me to project #2, I took 2 little Dells that surprise to me someone had taken 2 SFF 3060's and raided those with 2.5" laptop drives which I thought was kinda unique, and took them one step further. The Mini tower I took out the laptop drives and stuck in 2 intel 512 GB NVMe Model 750 SSD's and the other I stuck in yet another M Keyed 1 TB card, now what I would like to do is to finish the builds off I can still get the other Mini NAS the G-Technologies box, for free and I wanna stick in 4 Intel Model 750 NVMe drives and raid them but treat them as eSata. Since this is primarily a GPU forum check this piece of software out "Active Multiple Monitors" it is sweet software to talk to as many monitors as you have..... there is also one other small issue in regards to Graphics cards The nVidia 1080 does not play nice with Display Port Video Cables. due to the infamous Pin 20 Live issue and if anyone knows anything about Emerson dual head 4 pc KVMA switches I could use some help, When plugged into the KVMA and boot Monitor A using the primary display port port and the secondary using the second port in the console section of said switch. the one computer is plugged into Computer A or 1's set of connectors on the KVMA switch, I have tried so many cables and I am stuck. all of the other computers seem to play fairly well with the KVMA it is just the one Homebuilt that it doesnt get along with..
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks for listening
Rob C.


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