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PostPosted: 22 Dec 2016, 02:08 

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I'm new to the community, and did a little searching, but I apologize if I'm asking questions that have been covered ad nauseam before.

I'm building a new home office and have always wanted a triple monitor setup for gaming. Currently I run a hodgepodge of three monitors, but having three the same size/resolution would be great. I was searching for triple monitor stands and fell in love with the WSGF Mini Mega Desk Stand v2, so will be diving into a 3+2 setup.

I highly doubt my current computer will not handle three 1440 monitors, and the motherboard/CPU is beyond upgrading, so this is a great excuse to build a new rig! I have a GTX 980 (EVGA 4GB FTW ACX 2.0) that could be used in the new system, but figure additional GPU muscle will be needed.

Three 27" 1440 main monitors
Two Dell P2214H 22" accessory monitors (already owned)
A great widescreen gaming experience!

My main game is EVE Online. I plan to use each of the main monitors for a separate clients, with the accessory monitors for misc stuff (maps, voice/txt, etc.). Graphics performance isn't critical here, as running on lower graphics settings doesn't bother me (I actually prefer it in some situations). I figure this will be "simple" compared to playing other games in a widescreen configuration.

I play some other games from time to time, but currently in windowed mode on only one of my monitors (2560x1600). I'd really like driving games and want to get into iRacing (and other driving games like Forza); having that span across all three monitors would be awesome... similar with MecWarrior Online. Other games like Diablo 3, XCom, Civ, No Man's Sky, Mass Effect, etc. would be nice in widescreen but are of less importance. I rarely play FPS style games.

1) How much GPU is really needed to push three 1440 displays... would a single GTX 1080 be enough? or would two in SLI really make a difference with frame rates?

2) I'm looking at the Asus PG279Q 27" display for my main three monitors, as I like the IPS panel for better viewing angles. Is there any reason not to get these monitors? Is there a better choice out there?

3) What's the best way to send signals to the displays? For example, If I get a single GTX 1080 I believe I would connect the three main monitors to the one card (3x display port)... but what about the two accessory monitors? Am I better off running those off the motherboard? Installing the 980 (not SLI)? or should I be running all five off the 1080? Does anything change if I get two 1080 in SLI? Would I be best to plug all five into the two-cards (5x display port), or still run the accessory monitors off the motherboard? Any reason to also have the 980 if I'm doing the 1080 SLI?

Thank you in advance for the help and feedback!


PostPosted: 23 Dec 2016, 20:47 

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I've been doing some homework and decided to go with a dual GPU/SLI setup. I've ordered most of the parts, but held-off on the graphics card for now (will use the single 980 with my hodgepodge of monitors until then). I think I'm going to wait a month to see what happens with the rumored 1080ti and how it effects the pricing on currently available cards. Regardless, it should be a nice upgrade from my current rig. Looking forward to the build, and ultimately the widescreen gaming!

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