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PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013, 20:47 

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Here's the deal. I currently use a 3x1 landscape array via eyefinity and I really love it. The screen real estate is great and games that I have the horsepower to run well are fantastic. The bulk of my game time is spent in guild wars 2, specifically in world vs world. Anyone who has played gw2 wvw can tell you that it's murder on your rig. Normally I can run the game without any major performance issues but trying to run 5908x1080 (bezel compensation) in large wvw fights is rough.

I was wondering if it would be possible to work a 27" or 30" XD monitor into my display array somehow. Ideally I'd like to keep my desktop in the 3x1 landscape format and be able to choose to either game in the same resolution or game in XD on the other monitor. I was thinking perhaps there was a way to set up 2 different monitor groups or arrays. One eyefinity group and another for the single monitor. Perhaps windows+p can switch between them or something. I'm not really sure if this is even possible so any kind of advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, here's my rig:
i7-3820k OC'ed to 4.4 ghz (if anyone has any experience or advice pushing it further I'd be much obliged because I know it should hit 4.6-4.75 easily)
2 x HD 7970 OC'ed to GHZ spec
3 x 23.6" stripped down lcd's in portrait format mounted on an XFX triple monitor stand


PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013, 16:30 
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kaiboshi wrote:
Perhaps windows+p can switch between them or something. I'm not really sure if this is even possible so any kind of advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

With my own AMD7970 I create a eyefinity profile for the 3x1 spanned desktop, with each monitor using the same res 1080p.
I then use windows+p to switch between eyefinity enabled or disabled.

windows+p (duplicate) = switch to eyefinity mode
windows+p (extend) = switch to extended mode

While in extended mode, if your 30inch monitor in the centre is higher resolution than the other 2 this will use the full resolution, however when switching into eyefinity mode, the 30" monitor would run at a reduced resolution matching that of your 2 side monitors.

So in theory thus far no problems... until.. the 30inch monitor is running at a lower resolution, the 30" monitor then scales that image to fill the screen, even if the screen keeps the same aspect ratio as before, the physical size of the display will cause it to be out of alignment with the 2 side displays, eyefinity will work and looking at screenshots would appear correctly, but to you the user it would look a bit odd as an object on one display would be phyicly larger than the next, if this object moves across the display from the 30" to the side monitors, you will notice this size and alignment issue.

Alternatively you could look into using SoftTH that will run all displays at native resolution and thus reduce the object alignment issue between screens, but is unfortunately limited to DX9 and is not a very user friendly tool to work with as it has no .EXE and requires dropping .DLL files into game folders and creating a config file for each game.

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