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PostPosted: 18 Nov 2013, 00:28 

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I am beginning to construct what I want to be an awesome machine. Throwing in 4770k, 16g Ram, 2x 290x in crossfire and I need your help finding the best monitor!

This will mostly be for gaming purposes, but I will also be watching lots of sports streams online, movies, and doing some modeling (the monitor doesn't have to be awesome for the modeling, just the pc, so whatev).

I only want one monitor and am currently debating between these two:

Asus PA279Q
-really good 2560x1440...maybe the best, even.

LG 29EB93-P
-pretty much the only ultra wide (2560x1080) that is fast enough for games, right?

My questions

I feel pretty confident that the Asus will be amazing and succeed at doing everything that I need. I am less sure of the LG. According to the internets, the non-standard resolution seems to create weird responses from some software. I'm not too worried about this if I own the software in question, because I can prob come to cool places like wsgf.org to find some fix and make my shit look awesome. However, if the LG starts warping things that are online (sports games, movies, other videos via streaming) then I don't see what could be done to fix this. Has anyone here run into problems with the LG (or any ultra wide, rather) creating issues with online streaming? One of my biggest pet peeves is watching some warped/stretched video on a widescreen. If I'm shelling out a few grand for this machine, I would be very angry with myself if this occurred.

Also, do you think that my dual 290x's are overkill for either of these monitors? I would like to just pawn graphics for at least a year or two before needing another upgrade.

This is also the first time I've done an SLI/Crossfire config. Are there any differences in the way that the monitor connects to the PC? For example, is it still just one cord? Should I or do I need to use a specific type of connection?

And of course feel free to critique any other aspects of this machine!

Thanks, guys,


PostPosted: 18 Nov 2013, 12:55 
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You want only one Monitor? not 3 ? Are you sure ? :nudgenudge:

If you want it for gaming go with the 21:9 ! The extra FoV is worth it (IMHO!)
They are both IPS monitors, so the image quality and color should be quite good.
On the other hand does the Asus 49 - 86 Hz refresh rate. So maybe you can overclock it from 60hz to 75hz or 85 hz. This would result in a smoother gameplay.

As for your fear of stretched images.
This only happens in games! Most Programms and web pages do not stretch the buttons/texts but only move their position.
For only streams with Flashplayer / HTML5 or Videos with VLC they do not stretch! They're all Pillar/Letterboxed and will have black borders.

Maybe someone who has a 21:9 Monitor can give you more detailed information on what works and what does not :)

Oh and yes. 2x 290X is totally Overkill for 2560x1440/1080

btw: :welcome

We gonna send it to outa space!

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