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PostPosted: 04 Jul 2016, 17:56 

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Hi all. I have been trying to get my 5x1P to work, I have all 5 monitors, I have the AMD Radeon 6870, the DVI cables, the active MiniDP adapters, and the absolute best I have been able to get is 4 of the 5 on, and all in Landscape. (Hurts my neck to look sideways...)

Can ANYONE PLEASE - tell me - step by step, what kind of connections (Cables) I need to get this crazy thing to work?? Pleeeeeeze?

Do I need special DVI cables? (3 of the monitors are connected via DVI), one is miniC to active miniDP to DP cable to DP on one monitor, active mini DP to active DVI to DVI on monitor, plus both of the other DVI plugs on the card.

Maybe the wrong KIND of DVI cable? Do I need the kind with ALL the pins? Guessing here...

I'm using the AMD Catalyst to try to get them all to go to Portrait, then get them all working.....

What the >>>> am I doing wrong? Please just send help to [email protected]..... Thanks so much in advance


PostPosted: 23 Jul 2016, 13:51 
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Email sent.

suiken_2mieu wrote:
So you needed help with making your 5x1 P setup work. Well good thing I saw you post, I've been doing this setup for a while (even before it was officially supported).
Now depending on the card and monitors you have, you will need different cables.

What's your I/O looked like on the back of your card?
What resolution are all your monitors?

Regardless of the above, you can only use 2 native Legacy connections (anything that is not Display Port), the rest must use DP natively or use active DP adapters.
If you don't have 3 Display Ports on the back of your card, you will need a Display Port 1.2 MST Hub. Club 3D DP 1.2 MST Hubs
Startech also makes them if Club 3D isn't available in your area.

These Hubs can be used with passive or active adapters to your DVI displays.

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