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PostPosted: 08 Jun 2017, 14:32 

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Ok so ill try to be short. Got a new build. Gtx 1080 ti. Bought a ultra-wide 34 inch 2560x1080 monitor. Wanted to be surrounded by monitors. Bought 2 27 inch 1920x1080p monitors. They fit perfectly height wise and length. Almost seems to be a perfect fit. Wanted to play games on all of them. Go into nvidia surround. Only option for me was 5670x1080p. Turns out its running my middle monitor by 1920x1080p and stretched the image across my ultarwide. Well i saw bevel correction. messed with it for awhile. Some how got the correction total resolution of 6400x1080p to show up on nvidia surround,. i enable it. it says its running but its still taking my middle monitor and make it 1920x1080p. I cant be sure as there is no way to check but i can tell by the way my middle monitor looks stretched. There has to be a workaround so i can game with my monitors. I have seen programs that i guess make it run window mode and then stretches it but im not sure on how to use them.

Im really close though. I got the correct res to actually SHOW UP which from my research is a first especially with in nvidia surround so im realllllllllly close to getting this to work but im at a roadblock atm. Any ideas or help? I have a theory that if i run my side monitors at 2560x1080p and my middle at 2560x1080p that it would run my total res 7680x1080p and i just tested it and it WORKS!!! and this is with out that bevel correction work around. It just shows up. But low and behold nope :/ it still runs my middle monitor at 1920x1080p.....

so from what im seeing it seems there is a issue with just the middle monitor and not the sides.

Any help? :triplewide:


PostPosted: 09 Jun 2017, 20:44 
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AFAIK Only AMD Supports Mixed Resolution Eyefinity, aka What you want to run.
For nVidia all monitors need to have the Same Resolution.

We gonna send it to outa space!

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2019, 00:52 
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I just got triple monitors, Left is 1080p, middle is 3k res and right is 1080p. How I get around Nvidia Surr issues is I set my main monitor to a custom res because its 21:9 vs 16:19 *you shouldnt need to do that since your monitors at all 16:9*, then I make the game window mode and drag the windows across all my monitors or I use SRWE (Simple Runtime Widow Editor). This works on some games prefect like example Dirt Rally. But games like American Trucking Sim or Euro, the window will be 6400x1080p but displaying at 1920x1080 across all 3 monitors.
I know CoD Black ops 4, and Dirt Rally work by playing in window mode and dragging window or using SRWE, the res will scale. It seems older games on like DX9 or DX10 can't do it. (I also tired assetto corsa content manager to make it triple monitor, and that worked too at full res but that a mod manger for that game alone and never tested the dragging or SRWE on that game.)

As Haldi said, nvidia surr doesn't support different res. So my suggestion would be take it out the pic. Don't use it. It simply won't work. :)

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