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PostPosted: 09 Jun 2017, 05:01 

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Hi there,

I've spent the last several hours trying to find a definitive answer once and for all on whether or not a single GTX-1070 will support my current 5x portrait surround setup that I'm currently pushing from 2, AMD 280X cards using an MST hub out of each card.

Nothing I've read has been conclusive. Lots of 'well maybe', but nothing conclusive. The specs on the card say max 4 monitors, but is this just a limitation from the native outputs on the card? Or will it handle more via an MST hub or daisy chaining since it does say the max supported resolution is 6480x3840 which is well within the resolution I plan on running at- 6000x1920 (with a little bezzle correction thrown in), (less than half the amount of pixels the card says it can push).

I have a standing offer to swap both of my AMD cards for this single 1070 which would be a pretty nice gain in performance, but I can't justify doing it if it's not going to support my monitor setup, and I certainly can't afford an additional 1070 right now.

Anyone have any experience with this who can give me an actual 'yes' or 'no' answer?

Thanks in advance.



PostPosted: 03 Jul 2017, 09:47 

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Hi, l've just realized this last week but with 2 cards (GTX970). So do you know you can make it like this?
Maybe buying a 2nd card to realise it for sure.

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2017, 23:52 

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I have no experimental experience to give a concrete solution. Sorry

Anecdotally and from experience (Previously owned 3 x 24" Dell U2414H 1080p on a single 980Ti, upgraded to 3 x Acer CB241HQK 23.6" 4k, on a single 1080Ti), I think it's possible within the hardware you mentioned without the MST hub (honestly, never heard of this device). Display Port and DP 1.2 allows for 4 displays daisy chained @ 1080p, capped at 60 Hz I think? (http://multimonitorcomputer.com/solved/ ... -guide.php). I used to daisy chain 2 displays at 1080p with no problem on the 980Ti.. Good luck. Look forward to hearing about your results.

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2017, 02:00 
Hmm, I know this is an old post but having recently tried this with two ROG Strix OC 1080Ti's - and saved up hard earned cash, sent multiple emails on the subject to different card manufacturers, none of which gave a conclusive answer: I can definately confirm that even after the purchase of an MST hub, various adapters etc - the card will still see it as 5 displays and not allow it, disabling the last display to be plugged in. I'm pretty fed up with Nvidia personally for this reason. Things were a lot easier in the days of my old Eyefinity HD 6950 setup! No such issues. So with NVIDIA you not only have to have 2 cards to achieve 5 displays, for gaming you'll need SLI too.

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2017, 12:57 

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Same issue.

Had an R9 290X with a "limit" to 3 monitors, bought an EVGA MST Hub, and voila, worked like a charm, even used 6 monitors at one point.

When it died on me, I picked up a 1070 a few days ago (since the AMD 580 seems to suck bigtime and Vega isn't even here yet).
- The MST Hub works fine, it recognizes the displays without any issue, but the instant you try any configuration with more than 4 monitors it simply refuses to do it. Seems like some software bullcrap preventing it even if it's capable (heard speculation that it might be to promote SLI sales, wouldn't surprise me if it was...). Is there any software workaround to disable that limit?

Options I have now.
- Get an USB-> VGA converter to run the 5th display. However, it's most likely going to run at 5 FPS, which is not an option since I want to use it for gaming.
- Get a super-cheap Geforce GPU. However, am I correct in that the 1070 can't route any processing power, so that the final display will only use the cheap GPU to run everything? Because if so, it's as useless as the USB one.
- Got an old AMD 7870 2GB lying around, and it might be just about strong enough to run one display on its own. Is it even possible to have the 1070 run 4 displays and the 7870 run 1 without them murdering eachother because they can't run the same game or driver conflicts?

Pretty bad impression of converting to the green team, however apart from that the 1070 is a powerhouse which is why I'd rather not take it back to the shop since there's currently no good alternatives.

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