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PostPosted: 12 Feb 2017, 18:29 

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I am currently running 3 dell s2415h in surround making a resolution of 5760x1080p and one accessory monitor above them which is an LG ultrawide 2560x1080p monitor.

Ok, so I have been playing with my Nvidia Surround for the last few days after just hooking it up. I noticed something that is going to be a pain. I need to be able to toggle Nvidia surround off and on due to productivity. Surround does not remember my settings on any of monitors when I turn it off and when I turn it on it remembers the 3 dell monitors, but forgets my accessory monitor exists. I started checking around on different forums with a bunch of people asking about it, but a lot of the forums are years old. Now, Nvidia did make a toggle switch to turn Surround off and on so I know they are at least listening to the forums to an extent, but maybe people need to be a bit more proactive to their support team for this information? I contacted the Nvidia live chat support. Here is a copy of my conversation below:

Zia: Hi, my name is Zia. How may I help you?
honaker326: One sec. I was pre-typing up my question on notepad to save us some time. :)
honaker326: Hi, I am using 3 Dell 1080p monitors in an Nvidia Surround setup making the resolution 5760x1080 and one extra LG 2560x1080p monitor above the 3 Dell's as an accessory monitor to watch movies and stuff on while I game in Surround. This resolution works great to an extent of gaming, but sometimes I need to turn surround off to do work and be more productive. You guys made a toggle switch to turn off and on Surround, but it has a hard time remembering my settings. It never remembers my settings when I turn surround off which means I have to reconfigure my monitors everytime. If I turn surround on it will only remember the 3 dell monitors and it forgets my LG accessory monitor exists.
Zia: I understand and there is no option to save that setting
honaker326: I'm constantly having this battle of having to reconfigure my monitors every time I turn Surround off and on. I checked the forums, but this seems to have been going on for years without much of an answer from nvidia. If the forums don't work then I contact the source. Could you run up a request to add an option to have profile saves for nvidia surround for being off and on? The toggle switch works fine. I just need it to remember my settings.
Zia: Sure, I will forward the feedback to concern team
honaker326: Thank you very much.
Zia: Its my pleasure
honaker326: Well, hopefully they take a look at it. Either way it was worth a try. That is all I needed. Thanks again and have a nice day.


PostPosted: 15 Feb 2017, 23:48 
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Does your CPU have onboard graphics (Intel HD or AMD equivalent), and if so is there a connector on your motherboard you could plug your LG into? That would let your 1070 run the three Dells without the complication of the LG.

This guess does not include a guarantee :)

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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2017, 11:52 

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Hi Guys im new to the forum. At the moment i have an ultra wide 21:9 monitor and a normal 16:9 monitor. Will i be able to use NVidia surround if i add an other 21:9 monitor ? So is it possible to use NVidia surround with 2x 21:9s and 1x 16:9 monitor ?

Thanks Alot

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