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PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 08:23 

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Hello all, I registered just to post this.

Forza Horizon 3 is behaving oddly for me in a triple monitor setup.

I have a 2540x1440 and two 1920x1080 monitors hooked up to a GTX 1070. Now obviously if I want to use Nvidia Surround I have to run 5760x1080 but that is besides the point. I just wanted to mention this because it MIGHT have something to do with my problem.

So the game runs fine in single screen mode, getting close to 60fps all settings on ultra. But when I activate Nvidia Surround the problems start.
-If I try to boot the game up with all three screens activated I will see the Turn10 an Microsoft logo then a grey screen for 1-2s and then I am being booted back to desktop
-If I try to boot the game up with only two screens activated (in whichever combination imaginable) the game will again run fine

I have found a couple of people saying to Alt+Enter before or during the Microsoft screen and let the game load this way - I tried everything I could imagine from Maximizing as soon as possible to having it run windowed as soon as possible. I even re-downloaded the whole game (while having Nvidia Surround with 3 monitors activated) just because someone mentioned that fixed it for him.

I can post the error from the Windows event log later when I get home.

So anyone got any ideas for a fix?


PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 23:37 

Joined: 03 Nov 2016, 08:03
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Today after some more tinkering I was finally able to play with all 3 monitors.

What I think did the trick is:
-I setup Nvidia Surround with 5760x1080 and crashed as usual
-I changed the resolution in Nvidia Surround settings to 1920x1080 with all monitors selected and left the window open
-this resulted in the 2 outer screens turning off, but i thought what the heck, ill give it a try
-upon booting the game it ran past the usual crash point and let me change resolutions. To my surprise I was able to select 5760x1080. I did so and quit the game
-changed the resolution in the nvidia surround settings back to 5760x1080 and left the window open again
-started the game and it ran fine for a couole hours (until now, bedtime)

Hope it'll work again tomorrow, I was too glad it worked to try and reproduce it on the spot.

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